Expert Interview: Dr. Emerson Wickwire On Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for CPAP

Dr. Emerson Wickwire currently serves as Sleep Medicine Program Director at Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Associates in Columbia, Maryland. He also holds the rank of Assistant Professor, part-time, at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in sleep. Dr. Wickwire is board certified both in behavioral sleep medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and in cognitive and behavioral psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. He is a pioneer in interdisciplinary approaches to sleep medicine and maximizing human performance.

 In this interview, Dr. Wickwire shares his wisdom about comprehensive approaches to managing sleep apnea, including cognitive-behavioral treatment to maximize success with CPAP .

 Some of the questions include: 

 What are cognitive-behavioral treatments (CBT)?

 Have cognitive-behavioral treatments been applied to sleep disorders?

 What is the psychology of sleep apnea?

 What factors influence PAP use?

 What are Wickwire’s Four Pillars of CPAP Success?

 What is a PAP adherence risk profile?

 What CBT interventions have been tested to improve PAP adherence?

 And much more…

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5 thoughts on “Expert Interview: Dr. Emerson Wickwire On Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for CPAP

  1. Will you speak on cognitive behavioral therapy for pts with lingering problems associated with sleep apnea in regard to focus, attention and memory?

  2. Thanks for the informative aicltre. I often wondered about the need to use it every night, including trips.If we are on a trip and can’t get any bottled or distilled water, how many nights can we safely use tap water?Also, is it safe to run the machine without the water? Thanks, Jim[] Reply:May 17th, 2011 at 3:16 pmRegarding tap water, no specific time has been designated as safe so we would suggest using bottled water instead of tap water. Additionally, the rule of thumb, if using tap water, is to Know Your Water Source . This would be especially true if you are traveling internationally. We would suggest you simply purchase some bottled water once you reach your destination to assure they are not breathing contaminated water when you use your PAP device. Remember that the more tap water you use the more hardwater buildup will occur in your humidifier chamber.[] Reply:May 18th, 2011 at 1:24 pmYou can run your unit without the humidifier. If no water is being used, then the unit would need to be separated and the tubing attached directly to the flow generator instead. Without humidification you may experience dryness in your mouth and nasal passages. In this situation we would suggest you hydrate with lots of water during the day and perhaps get Biotene mouthwash to help keep the mouth moist. Safe Travels this summer![]