Expert Interview: Dr. Brian Palmer on “The Evolution of Malocclusion & Sleep Apnea”

Dr. Brian Palmer is an internationally recognized expert on dental malocclusion, infant feeding habits, and its relation to obstructive sleep apnea.

Topic: The Evolution of Malocclusion & Sleep Apnea

Part 1 (1 hr, 17 min)

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Download PDF of slides (Part 1)


Part 2 (52 min)

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Download PDF of slides (Part 2)

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17 thoughts on “Expert Interview: Dr. Brian Palmer on “The Evolution of Malocclusion & Sleep Apnea”

  1. Would like to hear your presentation but am working, are you going to record? It is 11.30 am in Adelaide Australia as you are presenting.

  2. My son, husband & I have been helped so much by your site. It is wonderful that you are letting “patients” become informed about sleep illnesses. I have a question but am not sure this question has a simple answer. My 20 year old son is diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. His airway volume is 13079.4mm & airway area 693.8. He was scheduled for surgery to correct this. My son is getting the “last minute jitters” and is asking questions that we cannot find the answers to…. Are sleep tests much value in obstructive sleep apnea or is it the scans that the doctors rely on? If you have some “good” nights with obstructive sleep apnea is that normal. Would that cause a person to reconsider surgery? My husband & I have great confidence in the doctors working with us(you actually interviewed one of my son’s doctors). We want our son to feel confident going into this. Would we be able to work with you to perhaps answer some of his questions. I had read somewhere on your site previously that you collaborated with people over the internet(I can’t find it now!!) Thanks for any help Cindi

  3. To Cindi:
    Sleep studies or tests are the ONLY method for showing the presence and severity of sleep apnea. Scans, x-rays and other methods used to view the airway in the upright and awake patient have not been shown to correlate accurately. I would strongly recommend a sleep study for your son.

  4. Unfortunately that’s 3am for me. Any chance the webinar will be recorded so that those of us in problematic timezones can watch it later?

    Thanks in advance,

    Robin Epstein, IBCLC

  5. I registered but haven’t received confirmation or access info.. will this info be sent later today? Just don’t want to miss it!

  6. Help! Have signed up twice and both times got verification that I should hear back from you “soon” with how to get into this . I never got the directions and am so disappointed. Is there some way I could still get the recording and slides? Sue Davison, IBCLC, RLC

  7. If you registered, you’ll get a link to the recording. If not, you’ll have to wait for the final this site to get changed to a past event. Thanks for being patient.

  8. I missed the presentation last night, but don’t remember if I was actually registered. Is it still possible to get the link to the recording?

  9. Hello Steven

    Greetings from Australia & Happy New Year!

    I have only just found this resource via LinkedIn, so am wondering about possible access to the interview.

    I have hear Dr Palmer give presentations on the GOLD Global Online Lactation Conference and try to promote his work when possible.

    Wishing you peace & goodwill for 2012.

    Lactation Consultant, IBCLC