The Little-Known Breathing Problem That Most Doctors Miss [Podcast 49]

What is the little-known problem that’s causing a lot of people to be sick and tired, and that many doctors miss? In this podcast episode Kathy and I discuss how the epiglottis may be the reasons behind your chronic fatigue, anxiety, or headaches. Find out:

  1. Learn about the anatomy of the epiglottis 
  2. 3 reasons why your epiglottis is floppy
  3. How to diagnose a floppy epiglottis
  4. Non-surgical options
  5. How to find the right surgeon

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Show Notes

Epiglottis diagram 

Floppy eiglottis video

The Little-Known Breathing Problem That Most Doctors Miss blogpost

Glyphosate podcast

Glyphosate and bone problems

Joint laxity article

Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS)

Drug induced sleep endoscopy (DISE) in patients with AHI < 5

Mandibular advancement devices

Swallowing problems after epiglottis removal paper

Epiglottis obstruction after cervical fusion article

Laryngomalacia in children

OSA Surgery e-book

Finding the right surgeon

Myths about sleep apnea surgery

Atrial fibrillation and OSA article

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6 thoughts on “The Little-Known Breathing Problem That Most Doctors Miss [Podcast 49]

  1. Great topic I need help with this. I wake up most of the night with this problem. Thank you Ron

  2. It have been a long time I can not hear your podcast! I am kinda interested with your topic. Hope can hear more new podcast from you!
    P/S: I was impressed with your picture for this topic :)

  3. There’s actually a way to grow the maxilla (upper jaw) and have the mandible (lower jaw) come along with it. This helps treat, and sometimes cures, sleep apnea and other sleep breathing problems by addressing the root cause. The appliance is called FAGGA or AGGA, fixed anterior growth guidance appliance, and is being used by dentist that have taken the necessary courses at LVI, the Las Vegas Instute. There is a patient detailing his journey with the AGGA and has recently posted pictures in his blog of his airway increasing. Let me know what you think of this Dr. Park I find it very interesting.