Do Bullies Have Sleep Apnea?

Recent research shows that snoring children are more likely to display aggressive behavior. Furthermore, children with conduct problems, bullying, or discipline referrals had a higher likelihood of having a sleep-breathing disorder. This study is not too surprising, since lack of sleep can inhibit higher level cortical thinking and cognition, and bring to the surface the more primitive, emotional, deeper-brain centers.

These children are also probably more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD, or any of the other various behavioral or developmental problems that can occur with poor sleep quantity or quality. One of the most common complaints that I hear amongst parents at my sons’ schools is that no one in the family can sleep well. This is such a huge, but preventable problem that’s essentially being ignored by the schools and parents, thinking that it’s just a part of modern life. Many parents are happy with giving their children stimulant medications, rather than to take care of the root cause of their child’s problems.

Do you know any children that fits what I describe?

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