CPAP And Sinus Infections

One of the more common complaints from CPAP users is that they are prone to sinus infections. Typically, they deal with it using saline irrigation, decongestants, and sometimes even go to their doctor for antibiotics. As a result, people suspect contamination or infection from their equipment, especially the mask, tubing or even the machine itself. Other suspects include molds, allergies or even sensitivity to their masks.

I had an experience today with a patient that makes me rethink how CPAP may aggravate nasal or sinus infections. This patient was unable to use CPAP after 4-5 days because his nose and sinuses would burn. He interpreted this as an infection. His numbers and other compliance parameters were perfect. While performing nasal endoscopy (placing a thin flexible camera in his nose) he commented that the sensation was identical to the feeling that he experienced when he used CPAP.

That got me thinking about how most cases of sinus headaches and pain have been shown to be a variation of a migraine. This is a neurologic reaction to any sort of irritation or stimulation. If you were to undergo a CAT scan during an episode, you’ll see that in most cases, it’ll be completely normal. Unfortunately, too many people end up being given oral antibiotics.

What can you do about this if you’re susceptible to these problems? Unfortunately, it’s a catch-22. In theory, the best way of handling this is to treat the underlying obstructive sleep apnea, but in this case, the treatment itself can cause nasal inflammation that can worsen sleep apnea. Many people benefit significantly by using CPAP, but there will always be a few people who absolutely can’t tolerate CPAP, no matter how hard they try to use it (different machines, settings, masks, medications, or other gadgets.)

Do you get recurrent sinus “infections” when you use your CPAP?

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181 thoughts on “CPAP And Sinus Infections

  1. I too have been struggling with chronic sinus and ear infections, constant drainage, cough, earaches and bronchitis thru out the years. Every occurrence is treated with antibiotics, inhalers among other remedies. Problems clear but come back again.
    I had always had a thought that the cpap was getting me sick but passed on that since I keep everything clean.
    My cpad is issued by the VA and get all my cpap gear from them also.
    Just by chance I decided to look into side effects and came upon this site.
    I always keep my cpap hose, mask and filters clean. I also do not use the humidifier part of the cpap.
    Today I decided to disinfect the whole machine and will see how I feel tomorrow morning. I also have an appointment with my VA provider and will mention my thoughts on the cpap causing my health problems. Will keep you posted. Thanks

  2. Yes I get sinus infections that end up causing congestion in my lungs. Two times its lead to congestive heart failure. So I stopped using my clap for about six months and haven’t been able to sleep at night. I’ve been back using the clap for almost two months and have just got a sinus infection and during the time I wasn’t using the clap I had no problems with sinuses. I don’t know what to do.

  3. I am a CPAP user for a period of 5 months, about a week ago I started with a cold, few days later my sinus got involved (infection) lots of discharge ( thick, brown, bloody, lots of coughing ) I went to see my Sleep Apnea doctor, He prescribed antibiotics along with other medicines (nose sprays). Please advise kindly if the air pressure (6 points) going into my nostrils has anything to do with it? and this could be the cause of my sinus infection.

  4. Yes, someone needs to tell all doctors at clinics, sleep ap U get eye & Sinus Infections, been on machine for 10-12 years when they started sleep ap. my NEW doctor looks at me like no way (both my old doctors retired, they listened understood 1 was on sleep ap ) and doesnt beleave me. then need amoxicillin 750 megers. i tryed flonase sense spring i can have flowers by me any more bought roses for wifies earthday and forgot. boy it killed me. peanut butter too up to 2 shots EpiPen. another story. now almost monthly sinus eye infection. i stopped going to doctor she does listen, thinks no way. any how typen this with 1 eye closed. the dentist says teeth hurt cause sinus infection. so i start all over again need new doctor that knows! sorry just isnt rt is it. forgive spelling. help, guess need doc thats on sleep ap and has same problems as me?

  5. Within the last year i have developed sinus problems using the CPAP machine.
    I use it everyday and it has made a huge difference in my sleep. I have had 6 cold/allergy/nasal infections since the beginning of the year. I use it no matter what, i find I rest better, but with a sinus episode it causes nasal drip, so I shut it down.
    I have made in appointment with a ENT specialist.
    I hope to get some sort of answer and solution to my problem.
    I clean my nasal pillows everyday and tubing every third day. I recently went to using 2 filters and a foam piece on my repironics device. I set my humidity to 4.

  6. I have been using S8 CPAP for a number of years (8+), just in the last year I have started getting sinus and ear infections, constant drainage, cough, earaches and bronchitis, I have replaced Mask, Tubing & and don’t use Humidifier, but infections just get worse, have been advised to buy new machine, but would have thought there must be a way of cleaning the machine itself, they cost a lot of money.

  7. I’ve been using a C-pap for almost a year. Normally, I get about 1 or 2 sinus infections per year. I am on my 4th infection and antibiotic treatment since last November when I started using the machine. I will continue to try to figure out how to keep my sinus issues in check. But I cannot go without a good night’s sleep!!

  8. Dr. Park, I have been using a CPAP for about two years. It greatly improved my physical and mental health. Last year I had three severe ear infections in my left ear as a result of colds or allergies. I thought that I might have a benign tumor in my ear, because it never seemed to completely drain. All three times I lost my hearing, and the last time my eardrum ruptured.

    I haven’t had a cold or allergy attack this year. But I can still feel irritation in my left ear. When I wake up in the morning after a night of using the CPAP, I can feel the pressure in my inner ear. My nose is not obstructed and there’s no pain, but I can definitely feel pressure in the left side of my face. My right ear is never affected.

    I’ve been to two ENTs. One wanted to put tubes in my ears. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the CPAP? Neither of these doctors seemed to believe that my problem was connected with the CPAP.

    The doctor at the sleep center just told me to lose 25 lbs and I could lose the CPAP. I would like to do that, but what should can I do in the meantime?

    I’ve just found your site and everything you’re saying makes so much sense. I’ve been told by several dentists that I have a “small mouth”. So do my sons. We also had ear infections when we were small children and have all been diagnosed with ADHD. I also have IBS. I’ve always believed that my health problems were connected, and you have confirmed that. Thank you for your information.

  9. I am a ICU nurse with 45+ years of experience recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been using a humidified Resperonics auto with nasal pillows for 21 months. Within the last 5 months I have been experienced increasing problems of nasal congestion, productive cough, eye and nose skin excoriation, watery eyes. I have been diagnosed with allergies, symptoms I have never experienced prior to CPAP therapy. The therapy is effective and my AHI numbers have been below 5 until recently. I clean my system with a vinegar solution or hot water and soap daily. I have replaced the pillows, tubing , and filters. CPAP treatment has alleviated the usual sleep apnea symptoms but I believe has caused other problems. Unfortunately my medical team does not believe the new symptoms are related to CPAP use. I am beginning to believe they are wrong, Recently I pick up smells of dirty feet! I believe I have now have a fungal infection but no one believes me, I do not know what else I can do to improve my situation if the medical community is not cooperative.

  10. Sounds like you’re cleaning is more than enough. I can’t go a month w/o a sinus infection. My CPAP and my sinuses have a love/hate relationship. Tomorrow I will do a two day, home sleep study and will possibly go with the Micr02 to see if I’m a candidate.

  11. I’ve started getting severe morning headaches that waken me too early. If I roll to the other side to sleep, the headache changes, like a stuffed nose would change sides in a similar situation, so I tried sinus irrigation. Nothing suspicious came out, no infection, but I did feel somewhat better. I’ve also started taking a morning 24 hr. Sudafed, which works for about 19-20 hours. Then I’m up with the painful head again.

  12. This is a follow-up to my earlier 2016 post on May 26 (copied below) on the results of my new Auto CPAP machine which I started using in late May. My new machine is a ResMed AirSence 10 Auto and has been fantastic. This machine has different mask settings depending on what you use and has a quiet, smooth air delivery. After trying many different masks and head gear, the one that provided me the most comfortable fit was a Respironics Wisp nasal mask head gear. This head gear accommodates nasal cushion masks from X-small to X-large (XL best for me). The beauty about this machine is that you have 3 settings choices depending on the mask type. The settings range from “full face” , “pillow” and “nasal”. I found that the “nasal” setting works best for me. With the “nasal” setting, you barely hear anything until you inhale, and then the needed air flow is delivered. With my previous machine, it was like a hurricane blowing through my nostrils regardless of the ramp or pressure setting. I believe that this constant pressure was the culprit of my on-going sinus infections. As stated in my earlier post (below), I was constantly tired, getting one sinus infection after another, going to the ENT Dr. and using nasal sprays, Claritin and antibiotics for approximately 18 months.

    Since switching from the ResMed S9 CPAP to the ResMed AirSense 10 (auto) machine and Wisp mask combination in late May, I have not had a single sinus infection. In June, we took a 3 week trip to Europe and the new machine came with me. We walked 10-15 miles each day and never felt better. I literally have my life back and started going to the gym again and feeling great.

    I hope that each of you can find a solution that works, as nobody will fix this but you. I was NEVER susceptible to sinus infections and was in excellent health expect for an 18mo. period which I was constantly fighting sinus infections and taking antibiotics.
    Good Luck…..Eddy

    Eddy (Post from May 26, 2016 for reference)
    I have been a CPAP user since 2007 and it has helped both my wife and I tremendously. I no longer snore, which was not good for her and I feel rested and active during the day.

    In late 2014, I had another sleep study to qualify for a new machine to replace my aging Respironics REMstar AutoPAP. The new machine issued, was a ResMed S9 CPAP, which I have been using since 11/2014. Since that time, I have had numerous sinus infections and chest colds. I might note, that before switching machines, I rarely got sick and certainly was never prone to sinus infections.

    As others have stated in these posts, I would go to the Dr., get antibiotics, and symptoms would clear. However, within 1-2 months I would have another sinus/chest cold relapse that would last 2 weeks or longer. These episodes continued until 2 months ago. I was terribly frustrated and decided to determine what was different or had change. Was it that I was getting old (57) and more susceptible to infections or some other cause? As a researcher, I conduct experiments and test hypotheses every day, so I decided to get back on my 8 year old Respironics REMstar AutoPAP which I had stored and still worked.

    The results: within one month of being on the old machine, my sinuses had totally cleared and I no longer have chest congestions or nasal problems. I can certainly notice a significant difference in the flow and delivery of air between the two machines, even though they are set to the same ramp settings (4-13 cm). The older machine is much smoother and “softer” in air delivery than the new. The other major difference is that the older machine was an autoPAP and the new one was not. I have since requested another autoPAP which I will pick-up next week to determine if Auto vs. Std. is the culprit or if the inherent style and air delivery systems between machines are truly different to cause me so many problems.

    I will follow-up in a few weeks after using a new AutoPAP to see if I remain clear of infections or if they return.

    Hope this helps as I have been miserable for the past 1.5 years and thought age was finally catching up, but in the last couple of months, I feel like myself again and have my life back.


  13. I have hypertension. I am a kidney transplant recipient (HLA Identical Match) of 21 years. I am immune suppressed. Ten years ago I had a quadruple cardiac bypass The bypasses collapsed after a month because the meds I’m on for the transplant affected my veins like over-cooked macaroni. So, I was giving four stents. Just had a minor heart attack. I have had sleep apnea for years. Probably had a Respironics Bipap machine with nasal pillows for 10 years. When I can wear it am so rested. I don’t wake up at night all is well. HOWEVER, I get terrible sinitus from the machine. I sneeze continuously for days, the nose runs and my eyes water. It’s horrible, without the mask I am tired all the time. I fall asleep in the middle of the day. I have been to an ENT (nothing was found out of the ordinary in my sinuses from the tests) Then, I went to Allergist (I was not allergic to anything they test for). I was told to take Flonase and something else nasally and Benadryl at night. All went well for about ten days and then the sinitus came back . I should add that I clean my mask, tubing and hydration container at least once a week. I use distilled water to hydrate in the container. I even go a Flo-Ease machine that supposedly cleans 99.9 % of all germs and bacteria. oh yeah, I even tried a new machine and I could only use it for four hours!!! Help!!

  14. Every yr 3 times a yr I get sinus issues from Bipap. I love my machine, helps me breathe. But I simply never use it during a sinus infection. I can’t breathe worth shut and it passes me off when I try to use it and all it does is make my sinus issues worse. So why even bother with the damn thing?

  15. Yes, I get infections every 4 to 6 weeks. I do not get relief until I take antibiotics. I cannot use rinses because any fluid put in my nose causes severe burning. I use nasal pillows.

  16. I use a ResMed Air Sense 10, an auto titrating machine with a heated air supply. When I first started using the machine, the heated air supply was enabled and I started getting sinus colds. When I turned off the heating, the sinus colds stopped as well. As the heating does not make the cpap any more or less comfortable, and because it seems to promote sinus colds, I’ve kept the heating off.

  17. Yes! In fact, once for two weeks I woke with bad headaches. Even when I don’t have sinusitis, when I lay down my nose gets stuffy. It’s hard to tolerate a cpap with this! Also, I snore sitting upright, even as a kid! I recently diagnosed with UARS

  18. Yes I am presently taking an antibiotic for a sinus infection. Phlegm runs down into my throat, causing pain. This causes a head cold, phlegm in my throat. And the apnea machine helps me sleep.
    Can you help. Please? Thank you. I have been plagued with this!

  19. I have been using a CPAP machine for about 5 years. For the last two to three years I have had a chronic sinus infection. I use a saline sinus rinse twice daily, and recently also a cortisone nasal spray. Still I continue with the sinus infection. I had sinus polyps removed twice, as my ENT recommended that as a way to solve the infection problem. In the last 2 years I have been on antibiotics at least 10 times.

  20. I’ve been diagnosed with sinus rhinitis. My sinuses can not take the pressure. It just tears them up and then I get dizziness after consecutive use (usually 2 or more days). I have worked with my sleep doctor and tied everything we can. The full face leaks too much and is too claustrophobic. The mouth only mask turns my throat into cotton only after an hour or so with heat and humidity. I don’t think our sinuses were designed to be pressurized and unpressurized continuously all night. The sinus headaches I get from using CPAP disable me. My BMI is too high for Inspire. I’m looking at a hole in my throat (surgery) as an option but I don’t want that with all the complications that go with it. So I go without it. Not doing so well as now having heart issues. Any help appreciated

  21. I’ve been on apap for a week now. After first night I noticed my nose was really dry. It has gotten worse. Nasal cavity feel like it lost its skin – bloody snot. Now I have flu like nasal congestion with clear sticky snot coming out with quantities. Had to wake up three times last night to clear my nose. With more and more congested nose I’m having more and more central apneas, because pressure rises higher in apap. AHI was 4 with only central apneas and they come in packs – 7 within 5 minute period.

    I’ve used over the counter nasal sprays (vicks which opens nose for 8h, Vitamin-A & panthenol oil and saline spray + nasal rinsing) which all releave symptoms for a while. I haven’t had flu symptoms in 7 years and this is the result of starting treatment. So Apap blew away the surface inside my nose –> bloody snot –> nasal congestion –> flu like symtoms and burnig in nose (no fever).

  22. I am a long-term cpap user with the same 16-yr-old machine. Lately, I’ve been getting sinus infections repeatedly. I’ve even tried both washing and disinfecting my hose and mask. Now I’m wondering if the machine itself is harboring organisms? I can’t afford to take it apart and have it disinfected…

  23. I began to have sinus infections when I started using a CPAP with a heated delivery tube. I found that my sinus infections disappeared when I turned off the heating tube. There’s absolutely no difference to me in the comfort of the unit with the heat off.

    I also use Flonase most of the year, which not only helps keep my sinuses open, but also seems to help in keeping sinus infections at bay.

  24. I don’t get the sinus infection all the time. Just occasionally I’ll have bouts of them that last 4 or 5 days and I’m able to control them through nasal irrigation. However, it’s only on the right side! Never on the left. And it’s a powerful headache from which I awake tired.
    I do need to sleep with my humidity on max (live in the southwest) and the tank will have to be filled after 4 hours.
    Using a Respironics Sysrem One.

  25. What is the best thing to use to sanitize CPAP equipment when one has a fungal sinus infection? Vinegar comes from fungus. What else can sanitize parts safely with no damage to the machine or parts?

  26. I have moderate apnea and cannot tolerate the cpap. Within 3 days, I can’t breathe through my nose at all because my nasal passages are inflamed. I don’t believe there is a remedy.

  27. Yes, and I didn’t the first 3 years I had my CPAP. I clean my tank, hose and mask 3 times per week. However, my tank runs out of water after 4 hours and I sleep for awhile with the tank empty which wakes me up because of dryness. I live in the southwest and have tried to dial the temperature down to make the water last longer. Unfortunately then I don’t get enough moisture to make sleeping comfortable. I wish the tank was larger. I use a Respironics System One.
    When I get dried out I get a tremendous headache.

  28. Yes, I have had repeated infections needing antibiotics. I had nasal surgery to assist with the problem. After going back on my resmit air sense (10) I once again have developed infections needing antibiotics. The machine is kept very sterile but am thinking to STOP using it to see if things improve.

  29. I am struggling with nasal blockage while turning to my side, also i breathe from my left nostril 90% , visited an ent specialist and he told me to get surgery for deviated septum. There is shortness of breathe, and a beep sound is common in my ears. Pls help.

  30. yes I am a wake tonight because of bad sinus infection that is causing me server pain , it came on about a week ago my doctor put me on some antibiotics to try and help but it is not helping, when I went to bed tonight like the last few nights I put my mask on and seems the symptoms seem to get worse… I am waiting for some Tylenol to kick in for the pain right now and will finish the night out with my mask on… I have tried cleaning my tubing and mask and filter in the back which does not seem to be helping,

  31. Not using your humidifier – a problem ? I think so. The nose has some distinct functions ; heat; humidify ; filter the air we breath. When we add flow, with a bit of heat, the inside of the nose, the nares, the back of the throat, the upper trachea all become dried out – the nose goes on ‘hyper’ mode to try and humidify the incoming dry air. This causes severe congestion, as well as drying of the upper airway – you awaken with dry thick upper airway secretions – coughing like crazy for about an hour to clear the air, blow out the nose, get in the shower, hydrate these dry airways. Things get back to normal – repeat at night. Use the humidifier. Some seasonal adjustment will be necessary, more humid in summer? may require less humidification or rain out (water in the tube) will be the complaint. There are some machines with auto humidification settings to avoid super saturation of the air with humidity – but they are not perfect. Use the humidifier, see what happens to your cough and congestion. Oh the infections – your nose and throat get dry and sore., raw… a great place for infection to take root or enter the system. You get more infections – both viral and bacterial? what came first the chicken or the egg. My take on CPAP and humidification. By the way the air you breath in – is molecular humidity. If it were an aerosol it could carry infection, it is not, it should not. Keep the circuit clean. Yup – but what we breath day to day is not sterile. A HEPA filter between the machine and you – available, but will not work with a humidifier in use, because it will rain in the HEPA filter. *I do use CPAP, I do use a humidifier. I do sleep well.

    PS – if you have CHF, use your CPAP! Test to see you don’t need oxygen. Test to see your breathing is regular – medicines you take for your CHF and interfere with your normal breathing… its important to know. If you have food that comes up your food tube – the CPAP can cause your to breath in small particles and you get an infection from this – it’s another thing you need to know. Don’t smoke, drink, eat just before bed it promotes this problem. nite nite

  32. I bought a SoClean and my headaches went away! Even though I cleaned my machine 3 days a week. This thing really helps! I highly recommend one of these CPAP cleaners. It kills all the nasties in places where my hand washing missed. I haven’t had it long, but I will keep you posted on how well (or not) it’s working for me.

  33. Having read the comments above I’m more confused than ever! Have been using CPAP for about 8 months now and have felt no benefit from its use. I still feel exhausted each and every day which in turn effects my mood and leaves my blood pressure between 110/70 and 180/98. These readings are taken at home, relaxed and sitting for 3 mins before taking them. Thats with me on 3 different blood pressure tablets too. Ironically my resting heart rate is in the 40s but my Doctors not concerned as I have a fairly physical job. Confusing given my 5 stone excess weight and type 2 diabetes but what the neck!

    Then there’s my sinus problems! I’ve had problems each time I get a cold for years now. Inflamed and bleeding sinuses with blocked nose. Been to Docs today. No cold and no blocked nose. Raging headaches and bleeding, inflamed sinuses though!?

    It was my nurse at the apnea clinic who noticed it a week ago. “You sound very nasely” she said. She recommended seeing my doc and asking to be referred for a nasal endoscopy. I saw him next day but he of course wanted to get rid of the inflammation first. He gave me nasal drops and away I went. Woke this morning a week later, feeling nauseous and when i blew my nose it was full of spots of blood. Back to doc and now I’m on antibiotics.

    So here I am reading about my CPAP humidifier could be the cause of my latest infection. I’m so tired. So confused and so bloody frustrated.

    Thanks for reading.

  34. Every so often I get an aching pain in soft tissue of my gums and dryness in one nostril that no doctor can,find a problem with. My coal machine identifies the problem, it causes the original knowledge something is going on causing burning ache symtoms. Can’t sleep in it and flooding rest. Dentist treats with antibiotics and pain pills. Overtime with antibiotics it stops only to return years later. In the past I’ve seen oral surgeons but they to x-rays and find nothing.

  35. Thank you Dr. Park for highlighting this issue. I experienced sinus headaches that were diagnosed as migraine by a savvy doctor. I was also having sleep apnea which took a little longer to get diagnosed. I’ve managed to use an APAP for several years now, but still have trouble identifying when my congestion is migraine related vs. bacterial or viral in nature. As I do have allergic and non allergic rhinitis as well, the sinus inflammation is a constant battle. I often take antihistamines as well as fluticasone nasal spray. Triptan type migraine medications are needed occasionally too. It is rare when I don’t use my PAP because of an actual cold or bronchitis. but in these cases, I minimize nights off of PAP by utilizing decongestants and any thing else that helps open my airway. I don’t think most people understand your point about the sinus inflamation that feels like a cold but isn’t. Instead, it is the neurological inflammation of the migraine causing pain and tissue swelling that inhibits air flow. This of course cannot be helped by antibiotics. I also have the small anatomy you describe elsewhere that makes it easier for my nasal passages to be blocked by small amounts of swelling. Using a CPAP mask is also more difficult during a migraine episode when the face and scalp are very sensitive and even painful. Not breathing well makes things worse with migraine too, so I do all I can to work with the tools I have to get better sleep. I want more sleep doctors to hear your ideas so they can better help their patients.

  36. Since August of this year (2017) I have had a series of sinus infections. One leading to pneumonia and now back again with fluid in right lung. The machine is cleaned routinely and replaced filters, mask, and tubing monthly. The problem, I think, is this…when you have allergies, slight cold, or anything else that causes drainage, the big duh is this…you are wearing a mask for 7-8 hours that is basically pushing air through your sinuses and into your lungs. If ANY fluid is being shoved down into your lungs…well duh! Like others here, I have slept much better with the machine, but I cannot continue to use this and continue to fight infections and possible more serious conditions. This is an exploding business selling and maintaining CPAP machines, so don’t expect to many health professionals to agree that the machines are culpable. But it is just common sense…drainage in your sinuses that is being pressure pushed into your lungs, I might add, that exhaling with a CPAP means exhaling AGAINST air pressure… the math!

  37. My CPAP began in 2010 with a qualified sleep doctor, my usage results have been positive until recently. I have heart failure with an EF 19% in May 2007, did not want transplant so I opted for Adult Stem Cell treatment. Since then my EF has been 35 to 40%.
    CPAP has been valuable in maintaining my quality of life, my age is 81. After reading your “beware of Vacuum Effect” the symptoms seem to fit my condition, i.e. short breathing, cotton mouth, thrush on tongue, chronic cough, etc. Can you advise my regarding this effect, so I can inform my sleep doctor, as a worse case possibility?

  38. I received my CPAP machine on 1/13/18 (4 hours the first night, 6 hours the second night). I am only on night 2 of using it and have woken up with a horendous sinus issue. My left sinus is enflammed and hurts whenever I breath in and I can not stop sneezing. I do not have a fever nor a cold. The first night I stopped using it after 4 hours because my nose and throat were so dry, but at least I got my 4 hours in. The second night I pushed through it and used it for 6 hours – big mistake!! If this is how using a CPAP machine feels after only 2 nights I do not believe it will be getting any better for me. I’m going to an ENT tomorrow to see what the heck is going on. Has anyone heard of such immediate adverse reactions so soon after starting use of a CPAP?

  39. I’ve never had sinus infections & I’ve never used the humidifier, I always felt the humidifier would create a breeding ground for bacteria.

    I highly recommend that everyone maximize their vitamin D status. Most people are vit. D deficient, even if you get sun exposure, if you wash within 48 hours, you wash off the oils that would have created vit D.

    Vitamin D is significant in maintaining the viscosity of the mucus /lymph fluids. When it gets thick & stagnant the bacteria it is trying to flush out of the body multiplies & overwhelms the immune system.

    In the short term, Mucinex will thin the mucus but it helps with the symptoms, not the problem, which is usually a vit. D deficiency. I was in constant pain from Fibromyalgia for 10 years & Mucinex (originally prescription guaifenesin) taken every 12 hours. was the only thing that helped til I maximized my vit. D levels. I didn’t know the vit.D supplementation recommendations were totally useless.

    But I believe that taking Mucinex (originally prescription guaifenesin) and now Vit.D also kept my mucus levels thin enough to not create sinus infections.

  40. It’s not exactly recurrent because I’ve only been using the machine since August 2017. It started three of four weeks ago. I did nothing for ten days hoping it would go away. It didn’t so my doctor gave me a saline irrigation which I used for two weeks with little or no effect. There’s a burning sensation with inhalation (some days, it burns more than others) accompanied by a runny nose and a bit of congestion in the mornings, and occasionally my nose will drain constantly for the entire day. I’m reluctant to start on antibiotics for obvious reasons. It’s not a road I want to go down repeatedly.

    I clean the nose pillow daily and the water tray weekly. The hoses maybe once a month.

  41. Been on cpap for past 3 months, sleeping beter and feel more rested. I also now have sinus and ear problems along with facial and eye edema and headaches. I presently can not hear anything but my own heart beating, can not tell my voice tone or volume. Have seen Drs. Including ENT treated with steroids, no improvement. Went from nasal to full face mask, problems seem worse. Don’t know where to go from here? I am told by Drs. that the ears are fluid filled and blocked. Nasal drainage is clear, eyes watery and now feeling short of breath..

  42. I have been so sick…I had my cpap machine for eight years…during this time I had sinus infection and lung problems…also ear infections…I cleaned my machine everyday, but when you think about it…even if you clean your hose and mask…it’s cleaned with tap water…It’s impossible to get the germs out…the hose and mask dries out, there are germs on it…I have had pneumonia 6 times in 2 yrs. I have had 5 ear infections…been treated with antibiotics for it, in ear drops form…been to 4 ENT…they say it looks ok…my sinus problem has been on going for 2 yrs…been treated for it with antibiotics…went to the ER. thinking I was having a heart attack…I had a cath. done…the heart is enlarged, but the doctor said, it looks good…I had the lung dr. call me, saying, I know the exrays look like pneumonia…but it is something else…I asked him, if not pneumonia then what is it…he said, that’s what were going to find out…I’m on oxygen, 24/7…they don’t know why…all I know is my oxygen drops to 75 and I passout…hard to breathe…My old cpap machine…I couldn’t understand why all the infections…I took the machine apart and found black mold…OMG…they brought me a new one, right away…I also bought a soclean machine…I will update this soon…I can’t live without it, my husband says I stop breathing and I wake up trying to catch my breath.

  43. I have been using RESMED CPAP for the last two years but not continuously. I did not experience any problem. Recently I got a new mask to be fitted to nose only and within two or three days use I developed severe headache and pain in the teeth and whole head. I took amoxicillin for infection and I solved the headache problem. After a few days I got a full face mask and began to use it. Again sinus in the left side of the face with pain in teeth in upper jaw developed. Air pressure has been set at 6. I never suffered from sinus seriously in the past. I have living with a mild headache and tooth pain now a days. I am afraid of using CPAP continuously for fear of headache problem. Let me be advised on this.

  44. there is not a means of transmission of a bacteria with CPAP, just because of flow – if the circuit and water container are reasonably clean, sterile not required. The humidity is “molecular” like steam, if it were ‘aerosol’ like with a breathing treatment, it could carry a bacteria and cause an infection. The old tale is ‘you can use bilge water to humidify because of this molecular humidity.

    My suggestion is turn the “HUMIDIFIER UP HIGH” to 5 or 5.5 then try the CPAP. If you air is dry it can make one side or both quite dry and congested in the morning, but dry at night with the flow. The nose become overwhelmed with it’s own humidification goals. I’m a CPAP user myself, as well as a CPAP provider.. try this suggestion of TURN IT UP. I don’t have the fancy unit so I turn it up till there is water build up from condensation (rain out) which I just dump out an turn in down one notch. Nice warm moist air could be just what your nose wants to get rid of that pain in the nose.

  45. I purchased a SoClean machine several months ago and my sinus headaches went away. I even purchased one to put in my travel trailer. In my opinion, It’s the absolute best accessory you can get for a CPAP. I am not paid or affiliated with SoClean, just a customer. If I find something that really does work, I like to tell others.
    If you are having sinus infection problems related to your CPAP therapy a SoClean disinfectant machine is the answer to your problem.
    By the way, my chronic bronchitis has been reduced to zero since using SoClean. And the system is stupid simple to use! Place your mask (with strap) into the SoClean chamber, close the lid and press the start button. Two hours later your entire machine will be sanitized and ready for use!

  46. I hope you feel better soon. I had the same problems until I started putting 1 drop of Grapefruit seed extract in my water chamber every night. I haven’t had a sinus infection in 2 1/2 Years. Hope this helps.