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3 thoughts on “My Coronavirus ICU Experience: Good & Bad [Podcast 90]

  1. 4-30-2020
    great show Dr. Steve and Cathy-as usual. very well done and informative.
    a few things about me taht are So unusual:
    1. 84 years old, practicing full time in general dentistry with a special love for sleep dentistry.
    2. NEVER CALLED-IN SICK ONE TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE. that is Kindergarten, grade, middle, high school, college, Army, dental school, and practice. can you imagine that?
    3. have never worn a mask-totally convinced that I benefited from the best way to build immunity, i.e., EXPOSURE.
    4. of course, i do all the right things: sleep well, heavy water, regular vigorous exercise, good diet, psychological counseling, loving wife and family and staff and patients and my Father God., and a passion for life and health and everything intellectual, and a touch of Jack Daniels. Never a smoker or druggy,, . I never take an aspirin, Tylenol, Nsaid, antacid, etc. no arthritis, no creaky bones or joints, etc. Haven’t vomited in over thirty years, have a cold every 2 or 3 years, never had the flu, slept in same bed as my sister who had chicken pox and I never got it. i have no aches or pains but am showing age to some degree. Now the rest of the story is that I am treated for hypertension and in Jan. of ’17 had a tripe CBG procedure. I was dismissed on the fourth day and the surgeon said that I had rewritten the book,ie. in that I Never complained about pain, never asked for so much as an aspirin-to this day i have never take anything for anything. my sister, 2 years my junior, takes no pain pills for anything. Boy, are we Blessed for certain, our parents had the same history, work everyday and and live, love, and laugh and enjoy life. no whining. I did miss four weeks from practice when I had the heart surgery, but i did not call in sick-I just was restricted by my surgeon. Also, two years ago I had my left Carotid endarterectomy procedure on Friday and was on duty Monday. Hope you enjoyed my story, and i will finish by saying that the distancing/lockdown was way overdone and counterproductive. The Corona was simple disease that was WAY overdone. And I do not believe Fauci and Birx. And am flabbergasted by Bill Gates et al. Blessings to you and your family and may God Bless you all. jim hales

  2. I appreciated hearing about your experiences and also your assessments of the cause the USA having a higher mortality than most of the other developed countries. I have to ask you, Why are Norway, Finland, Greenland, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand having better outcomes? Those countries did not experience SARS.

    I look forward to your thoughts on this matter.