Compression Stockings May Reduce OSA In Some Patients

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The study published by the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine which was conducted by French researchers revealed that wearing compression stockings was an affordable option to improve the condition of OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The study was held among those who suffered from chronic venous insufficiency and the findings were revealed online much earlier than when they were published in the Journal. The medical condition known as Chronic Venous Insufficiency or VI occurs when the veins are not able to pump the required amount of oxygen depleted blood back to their heart which is usually a common condition in the veins present in the legs.

About the study:

The head of the Research and MD of the University of Brescia in Italy, Stefania Redolfi said that the 12 patients who had chronic venous conditions showed considerable improvement in the fluid accumulation in their legs during the daytime as they wore compression stockings that helped to minimize the accumulation of fluids. This would in turn diminish the amount of blood flowing to the neck at the nighttime and this would in turn reduce the number of patients who have apnea or hypo apnea by over a third.

Prevailing treatment for the condition:

Currently, the main treatment advised for those patients suffering from OSA is to make use of CPAP machine or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines. However, many patients do not favor this as they find it very uncomfortable and disturbing to have a mask on during the night. Therefore, when the compliance level is very minimum, it might mean more number of patients living with this untreated medical condition and its effects prevailing in their body. Therefore it is vital to find an effective way to treat this condition.

Fluid accumulation in the legs is a common occurrence in this condition, which is prevented by the contractions in the leg muscles, which pressurizes and squeezes the veins in the legs. This process can also be averted if the patient sits for longer periods of time, which forces the accumulation of the fluid in the legs to shift rostrally during the night time while sleeping. When this shift of fluids occurs, the fluid gets gathered around the neck region and accumulates in its tissues. When the tissue volume is on the rise, this series of apneic events would lead to the repeated collapse of the pharynx muscles when the patient is sleeping and breathing during the night time.

Findings of the study:

The amount of rostral fluid shift has a strong correlation with the degree of increase in the circumference of the neck overnight. This also showed an increase in the apneas and hypopneas per hour during the sleeping time of the patients who have heart diseases or hypertension. After the compression stocking was used, there was a 62 % reduction in the amount of leg fluid volume compared to the others. The patients also have a 60% reduction in the increase of neck circumference and a reduction of 36% in the apnea and hypoapnea events among the patients.

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