7 Simple Ways To Get Rid of Your Snoring For Good

If your spouse or bed-partner snores and keeps you up at night, then you're not alone. Most people snore at least occasionally, while about 25% snore all the time. Snoring is a major problem that not only can affect your relationship, but your health as well (snorer and snoree). Snoring may be a sign that […]

The 5 Dangers of Benign Snoring

Snoring is so common these days that it’s synonymous with sleep. In the movies or on TV, a sleeping person is depicted with snoring sounds. Even in the comics, the ZZZZZZZZs that you see coming from the sleeper may signify snoring.   Within the sleep community, we often use the term benign snoring to mean […]

A Proven Solution for Your Sleepy Child

Finally, Answers to Why Your Child Can’t Sleep… Dr. Park interviews premier pediatric orthodontist and palatal expansion expert, Dr. William Hang about the advantages of using orthodontics to straighten your child’s smile and sleep. Listen to this riveting and enlightening discussion on pediatric, as well as, adult sleep apnea that can help you and your loved breathe, […]

The ABCs of Oral Appliance Therapy

Dr. Park Interviews Dr. David Lawler, a dentist with extensive knowledge and expertise in treating sleep apnea using oral appliances. During this 60 minute call, Dr. Lawler explains in detail what oral appliance therapy is and how it can be used to treat sleep disorders. Find out: Why customized dental devices are good alternatives to […]

Can Bottle Feeding Increase the Risk of Sleep Apnea?

Startling News For Parents of Bottle Fed Children… In this hour long interview, Dr. Park talks to Dr. Brian Palmer, a former dentist who has done extensive research in the field of infant oral cavity and airway development.  In this discussion, Dr. Palmer shares shocking information as to why parents who bottle feed their children […]