My Last Expert Interview

I wanted to announce that this month’s Expert Interview (with Dr. Borelli) will be my last Expert Interview, which also includes my Ask Dr. Park programs. My plan is to focus on future programs and educational resources to better serve your needs. Please stay tuned for more information. Please look in my Expert Interview archives […]

Expert Interview: Dr. A. Joseph Borelli on Brain Dysfunction and Sleep Apnea

In this teleseminar, I interview Dr. A. Joseph Borelli, who is President and Medical director of MRI at Belfair, in Bluffton, SC. He is a leading expert in brain imaging and has an interest in brain imaging in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. He’s going to show some eye-opening radiologic images of your brain after repeated […]

Expert Interview: Dr. Karen Bonuck on Pediatric Sleep-Breathing Problems and Developmental Issues

  In this teleseminar, I interview Dr. Karen Bonuck about her landmark research linking snoring in infants and higher risk for developmental delays later in life. If you have children, or thinking about having children, you must listen to this interview.   Please fill in your information below to access the free MP3 recording: Contact […]

Ask Dr. Park: What You Can Do When CPAP Fails

In this teleseminar, I’ll go over all options when CPAP doesn’t work for you.  • What other options are there when CPAP doesn’t work? • Are dental devices effective? • What are my surgical options? • Do tongue exercises, acupuncture or didgideroo playing help to cure sleep apnea? • What about Provent nasal plugs? Please […]