Expert Interview: Dr. Raymond Silkman, Holistic Dentist

In this Expert Interview, I talk with Dr. Raymond Silkman, a holistic dentist, who will reveal his unique perspective on how our diets have ruined our health, mainly by causing our jaws to shrink. Dr. Silkman reveals: – How modern orthodontics can ruin your sleep quality – How dental crowding can lead to nasal congestion – […]

Ask Dr. Park: An Insider’s Guide To Sleep Apnea Surgery

Secrets To Sleep Apnea Surgery… Are you confused by all the conflicting information about sleep apnea surgery? Does it work? Which procedure is right for you? Which surgeon do you choose? In this Ask Dr. Park Teleseminar Program you will learn about Sleep Apnea Surgery. Even if you’re not considering surgery the good think to […]

10 Tips For CPAP Success

Learn the Insider Secrets of Highly Successful CPAP Users… Get your FREE access to the audio replay and mp3 download of this interview with Aurelio Henriquez who has extensive experience helping patients with sleep apnea succeed in using their CPAP machines. Since 2002, Aurelio has helped hundreds of CPAP users overcome their struggles while he […]

Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled?: Expert Interview with Dr. Richard Shames

Discover What You Can Do For Your Hormonal Imbalance… Listen to or download this in-depth interview with Dr. Richard Shames about his best selling book, Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled?: A 3-Step Program to: Restore Thyroid, Adrenal, and Reproductive Balance, Beat Hormone Havoc, and Feel Better Fast! This interview will open your eyes to the true dangers […]

Ask Dr. Park: Sleep Meeting 2010 Update

Sleep Meeting 2010 Update Register below to get the replay of this FREE teleseminar about the latest in innovations and news from the SLEEP 2010 meeting in San Antonio, where all the top sleep researchers gather for their annual convention. It's my roundup of the latest in sleep apnea treatments as well as to answer your specific questions […]