Expert Interview: Healthy Eating For Sleep Apnea With Maria Alexandra Bella

In this Expert Interview, dietician Maria Alexandra Bella will talk to us about Good Nutrition for Sleep Apnea. We’ll discuss: 1.Ways to avoid becoming hungry if you stop eating  within 3-4 hours of bedtime. 2. Why is it important to eat a good breakfast? 3. Some common myths and misconceptions about food choices and nutrition 4. […]

The Most Overlooked Solution for Weight Loss

        Discover the REAL reasons why most weight loss plans fail… Dr. Park interviews Ms. Tara Marie Segundo who shares The Most Overlooked Solutions for Weight Loss. Tara is an award winning Pro Natural Figure Competitor and a credentialed fitness authority who is a frequent contributor in several top health and fitness magazines, and […]

Beat the Sugar Habit (Before It Beats You)

Expert Interview with Peter Lappin Dr. Park Interviews an immensely knowledgeable health counselor and top-notch nutrition expert, Mr. Peter Lappin on how to beat the sugar addiction. During this 57 minute call, Peter shares his eye-opening insights on how pervasive sugar has become in all our foods and how to avoid it without depriving yourself. Learn […]

What to Eat When You’re Sick and Tired

Practical Guide To Eating Healthy Everyday… On this installment of Dr. Park’s Expert Interview Series, registered dietician and nutrition expert, Alyse Levine, M.S., R.D., provides an in-depth discussion about her proven and effective methods for fighting unhealthy cravings and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Learn:           * How to control your blood sugar […]