Tripple Trouble: Sleep Problems Before, During, and After Pregnancy [Podcast 85]

In this episode, Kathy and I will be discussing the importance of good health during all phases of pregnancy: before, during and after. Discover the following helpful tips: What to do even before you think about conceiving What to look for if you’re having pregnancy complications An important thing to prepare for just after your […]

How to Treat Your Sinusitis Without Medications [Podcast 83]

Sinus infections with pain and pressure are all-too-common this time of the year. Please join Kathy and me as we reveal: Why your sinus infection may not be an infection al all What many doctors (even ENTs) may miss when treating sinusitis How to treat your sinus symptoms without using antibiotics How sinus pain may […]

7 Unexpected Reasons for Your Anxiety [Podcast 81]

Stressed anxious woman

During this holiday season, are you anxious or stressed? Please join Kathy and me as we reveal 7 Unexpected Reasons for Your Anxiety. Download mp3  |  Subscribe Sleep deprivation for any reason (quantity or quality) Food as stimulants (artificial sweeteners, caffeine, aspartame, MSG, etc.) Weather changes Lack of sunlight Normal hormonal fluctuations Media overconsumption/addiction, and over-scheduling […]

How to Get Your Whole Family Sleeping Better – Part 2 [Podcast 80]

Please join me as we continue our important discussion on how you can get your entire family sleeping better. Whether you have young children or are single, young or old, the concepts presented will significantly increase your chances of feeling better, thinking clearer, and have a much calmer and controlled household. Listen to this podcast […]