My Interview on Healthy Home Habits Summit: How to Promote Health, Reduce Toxins, and Create a Home That Keeps You Healthy!

As a husband, parent, and physician, I know how hard it is to get trustworthy information that helps you get down to the root causes of your health challenges. I remember when I first had my revelation about the importance of proper breathing during sleep, which lead to me write my book, Sleep Interrupted. Over […]

7 Ways You Can Prevent Putting on Pounds During This Pandemic

One casual observation I’ve seen during countless Zoom and FaceTime sessions with old friends and acquaintances is that many seem to have gained significant weight. I admit that just by seeing their faces onscreen is not an objective way of documenting weight gain. But from what I’m seeing and hearing from patients during our video […]

Can Coronavirus Cause You to Gain Weight?

I have to admit that the title is a head fake. There are no studies that I’m aware of that suggests that catching the coronavirus may lead to weight gain. However, I will make a strong argument that for many people, it can promote weight gain indirectly through these 5 possible scenarios: Altered Eating Patterns […]

How Mouth Breathing May Put You At Risk for Viral Infections

In his classic book, Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life (1870), American painter George Catlin described a correlation between pre-civil war Native Americans who were mouth breathers and various chronic illnesses. In a 30 year span (1830 to 1860), he visited over 150 Native tribes in North, Central, and South America.  Catlin observed that […]

The Consequences of Sleep deprivation in the ICU

Imagine if you went to sleep at your normal bedtime, but 5 minutes later, the lights went on. You hear multiple peoples’ conversations right next to your bed. The TV turns on and stays on. A car alarm goes off just opposite your window,  and a siren-screeching ambulance drives by your house every few minutes.  […]