Watch My Presentation @ Airway Revolution Foundation Seminar: Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome: Beyond Crooked Teeth

Last December, I had the honor of being invited to speak at the Airway Revolution Foundation’s Airway Seminar. I was one of 6 speakers, and my presentation was on Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome: Beyond Crooked Teeth. It was filmed by Moving Pictures, a multiple Emmy-award-winning documentary film-making company that is in the middle of filming one […]

The One Lie That Doctors Perpetuate About Weight Loss

What are humans told which foods make you fat? Bacon, butter, and egg yolks, right? That’s what doctors tell us to avoid if we want to lose weight. But what do farmers use to fatten their cows and pigs? Rather, they use corn and grain, which is also much cheaper than bacon, butter, and eggs. […]