Nighttime Urination — The Most Overlooked Reason

Click here to download the transcript PDF ✅ VIDEO SUMMARY  Nocturia (nighttime urination) is a very common condition as you get older, but it’s also common in children as well as younger adults. There are many explanations for nocturia by experts, but obstructive sleep apnea is rarely mentioned. In this video, I argue that sleep-breathing […]

Melatonin’s Surprising Health Benefit – Not Related To Sleep

You probably already know that melatonin is your sleep hormone, that makes you sleepy at bedtime. But in this video, I’ll reveal a surprising and perhaps even shocking benefit of melatonin that your doctor probably won’t know about.  Hi, I’m Dr. Steven Park, ENT surgeon and sleep medicine doctor, speaker, blogger, podcaster, and author of […]

Watch My Presentation @ Airway Revolution Foundation Seminar: Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome: Beyond Crooked Teeth

Last December, I had the honor of being invited to speak at the Airway Revolution Foundation’s Airway Seminar. I was one of 6 speakers, and my presentation was on Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome: Beyond Crooked Teeth. It was filmed by Moving Pictures, a multiple Emmy-award-winning documentary film-making company that is in the middle of filming one […]