Why You’re Always Tired: What The Experts Won’t Tell You

Download Transcript Have you tried all the tips and hacks on Youtube to get rid of your chronic fatigue, with only some results? Are you too tired to focus on your work or to be present for your family members?  In this video, I’ll reveal one condition that almost no one on this platform talks […]

How To Sleep

The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Sleep You Need: 1700s vs. 2022

Download Transcript If you wanted to go to sleep in the 1700s, this is what you do: Lie down in bed Close your eyes. In 2022, this is what you’re told to do, and there are 24 steps: Avoid snacks or food 3-4 hours before bedtime No screens 3-4 hours before bedtime Cover all windows […]

Why You Wake Up to Pee at 3 AM

The Most Ignored Reason by Doctors For Nighttime Urination

Download Transcript Do you wake up to pee at night? Is it usually around 3 AM, plus or minus 30 minutes? And if you wake up many times to urinate, why is it at regular 90-minute intervals? In this short video, I’ll reveal what most doctors and online experts don’t usually talk about. ✅ Video […]

7 Insanely Simple Ways to Unblock Your Stuffy Nose

Unclog Your Nose Quickly & Naturally

Download Transcript Is your nose stuffy and you need a quick way to open up your nose? There are many ways to clear up your blocked nose quickly and relatively cheaply or even for free. In this video, I’ll reveal 7 insanely simple ways to unblock your stuffy nose. Stick to the end I’ll give […]

7 Top Reasons for Nasal Congestion or Stuffy Nose

Download transcript Have you ever wondered why your nose is always stuffy? In this video, I’ll reveal the 7 most common reasons why your nose is always clogged, and what you can do about it. ✅ Video Chapters: 00:00    Introduction 01:33.    Allergies 02:45    Non-allergic rhinitis 03:14    Deviated nasal septum 03:57   […]