How Fluoride Ruins Your Sleep, Brain Function and Energy Levels

In this video, I’m going to reveal how fluoride in your water may be ruining your sleep, as well as how it causes memory problems and also drain your energy levels. Download Transcript 00:00  Introduction 01:00   The Case Against Fluoride 02:45   Low IQ levels and brain damage 03:28   Near infra-red radiation promotes […]

5 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Use CPAP

Do you hate CPAP? Are you thinking about chucking your CPAP machine once and for all? In this video, I’m going to reveal five surprising reasons why you either can’t or should not use CPAP, and when you have to think about looking for other options. Download Transcript ✅ CHAPTERS 00:00 Introduction 01:24 Weight gain […]