10 Ways to Combat Coronavirus [Podcast 88]

During this coronavirus pandemic, Kathy and I will be discussing: Which vitamins and supplements everyone should be taking What is the easiest and best defense in fighting this infection? Which immune-boosting benefit most people are missing out on? Download mp3  |  Subscribe Shownotes: Good quantity and quality sleep. Sleep Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 […]

5 Ways to Combat Coronavirus

During this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many of my patients are asking me how to lower one’s risk of catching this virus, or optimizing your body’s defenses if you do catch this infection. Besides the standard list of basic recommended hygiene principles (frequent hand washing, using masks, social distancing, etc.), here are 5 additional simple things […]

A Tongue Pacemaker for Sleep Apnea: Hope or Hype?

One of the most common questions I get asked by patients and my online community is, “What’s the newest or cutting edge option for treating obstructive sleep apnea?” Internally, I cringe at this question, since it’s like asking what’s the best way to get from your home to work? The answer is…it depends. You can […]

The Connection Between Cancer and Sleep Apnea [Podcast 87]

It’s unavoidable that all of us will experience cancer at one time or another. If you have not experienced cancer, it’s likely that you know someone that has suffered or even died from cancer.  In this episode, Kathy and I discuss the importance of good sleep as it relates to cancer. This is an important […]

The Estrogen Goldilocks Principle: Confusion and Controversy [Podcast 86]

Estrogen imbalance is a problem not only for women. Men and children can be affected as well, leading to various health conditions including thyroid problems, early puberty in girls, the feminization of boys, poor sleep, weight gain, and higher cancer risk. Download mp3  |  Subscribe Show Notes: Post-menopausal women and progesterone study Dr. John Lee Dr. […]