5 Ways You’re Blocking Growth Hormone – And Keeping You Fat

Download transcript In this video, I’ll reveal 5 reasons why you can’t lose weight if you have low growth hormone, along with 7 steps you can take to raise your growth hormone levels so you can sleep better, look younger, and stay thinner. ✅ Video Timeline 00:00 Introduction 00:57 What is growth hormone? 01:43 Growth […]

Your Best Pillow for a Better Night’s Sleep

Download transcript ✅ Don’t have any energy to get things done? Get your FREE Energize Your Day Starter Guide ✅ Video Timeline 00:00  Introduction 00:47   My two nights of great sleep many years ago 02:06   How to choose the right pillow 02:17    The one secret to choosing your best pillow 02:31    Why do most […]

Should You Tape Your Mouth For Better Sleep?

Download transcript ✅ Video timeline 00:00   Introduction 00:57   My obsession with tape 01:27   My experiment with mouth taping 02:18   The best direction to tape your mouth 02:42   Mouth closed and open under sleep endoscopy 03:07   What the science says 03:50   Mouth taping and CPAP 04:17   The one […]

Why Humans Choke Often And Have Sleep Apnea

Download Transcript Modern humans are now much more susceptible to choking and dying. Dr. Park reveals the reasons why and what you can do to prevent it. Tired of being tired? Read my Amazon best-selling book, Sleep, Interrupted: A Physician Reveals The #1 Reason Why So Many Of Us Are Sick And Tired. (Kindle, audio, […]