Can Your Jaws Be Expanded Without Surgery?

Conventional dental wisdom states that the adult jaws can’t be enlarged. Recently, orthodontists have shown that you can straighten teeth in adults, but many dentists are still skeptical about claims of being able to expand the jaw without doing any type of surgery. For many years, a number of dentists have debunked these claims. Dr. Dave Singh is one such pioneer, who through the principles described in his Epigenetic Orthodontics concept, is able to show that the upper and lower jaws can be altered dramatically using his DNA appliance.

I’ve stated in the past the modern humans, due to a radical change in our diets and feeding habits, are more prone to dental crowding and upper airway narrowing. The smaller your jaws, the smaller your breathing passageways, from your nose to your throat. Widening and expanding your jaws can have a profound effect on your ability to breathe not only at night while sleeping, but also during the day when awake. So it’s not surprising that this could also help people with sleep apnea to various degrees.

If you’re interested in hearing what Dr. Singh has to say about this issue and how the DNA appliance works, please register for my teleseminar for tonight, where I will pick his brains for one full hour. He will also answer your questions at the end of the program.

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One thought on “Can Your Jaws Be Expanded Without Surgery?

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