Can Tonsils Grow Back After Removal?

Tonsillectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures that’s performed today. One question that I’m often asked is, can it grow back? The answer is…it depends. Overall, once you take out all your tonsils, it’s unlikely to come back. However, if you’ve only had most or some of your tonsils removed, as long as there’s inflammation, there’s increased risk that it can slowly grow back. 

Tonsils are made of lymphoid tissue and make up a part of Waldeyer’s ring, with your adenoids at the top in the back of your nose, your two palatine tonsils in your throat, and your single midline lingual tonsils lower down at the base of your tongue.

During early development, your tonsils, like all the other lymph nodes in your body, educates your immune system to tell it what’s part of the body and what’s not. Normally, after childhood, the these tonsillar tissues shrink down to small nubbins.

However, if you have chronic inflammation in your nose or throat, such as from allergies or acid reflux, chronic irritation causes these “glands” in your throat to swell up. One they enlarge, they take up more space in your throat, aggravating various degrees of breathing obstructions.

Adenoids and lingual tonsils are different from palatine tonsils in that the lymphoid tissues are attached directly to the back of the nose or the tongue muscle layer. However, palatine tonsils are surrounded by a thin fibrous capsule that separates the lymphoid tissue from the muscles of the throat.

Traditional tonsillectomy usually involves removing the tonsils along with the fibrous capsule, leaving only the thin membrane covering the muscles. With adenoids, however, it’s usually scraped out, charred or debulked using various devices. It’s literally impossible to remove everything, since you’ll have to remove normal tissues.

Another recent variation of tonsillectomy involves removing only a portion of the tonsils, leaving a thin cuff of tonsil tissues that sit right next to the capsule. Common procedure names you may see include Coblation or sub capsular tonsillectomy. These type of procedures are done more for obstruction and sleep apnea, rather than for infection, where you normally want to take out everything. In theory, having residual tonsil tissues can make you more likely to have tonsillar growth, if you have constant inflammation.

Or if you have small amounts of adenoids remaining, and let’s say you have chronic allergies, then you have a higher chance of your adenoids growing back. I’ve seen this many times in my career. Overall, however, it’s still rare.

Another common condition that’s not often addressed is lingual tonsils. Many people with obstructive sleep apnea will have persistently enlarged lingual tonsils. Chronic stomach juice exposure from apnea is one major reason for these lymphoid tissues to become enlarged. If you have small jaws and a large tongue to begin with, even slightly enlarged lingual tonsils can take up more space behind your tongue, aggravating further collapse and obstruction.

What I often see is that when symptoms of sleep apnea persist or come back after tonsillectomy, it’s usually blamed on your tonsils growing back. Usually when I look, there are no tonsils remaining, but they have large lingual tonsils or significant palatal or tongue collapse. In most cases, the main reason for the multiple levels of narrowing is due to small jaws and dental crowding. Taking out huge tonsils can definitely help in some people, but most people will have persistent sleep apnea, since there will be persistent obstruction due to tongue and/or soft palate collapse.

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109 thoughts on “Can Tonsils Grow Back After Removal?

  1. Micki,

    Sorry, but without examining your relative, I can’t give any opinions. It sounds like something unusual, so an individualized approach is warranted.

  2. Dear Dr. Park,
    I got surgery 5 months back to remove my tonsils. But, nowadays I am getting little pain near the side of tonsils and its getting worsening. Would you please let me advice for this problem in detail?

  3. I am 16 amost 17 and i have really bad cases of getting strep throat. Last winter (2012) i was told i needed surgery to get them out. But of course we could not afford to have this done at that time becasue it costs $1,000. Well three days ago i woke from my sleep and i could not breathe. My strep was way past stage 4 and i was sent to the emergancy room. They gave me antibiotics and stuff for the pain but that is it. I need to get them out soon just have to find a doctor around here that acepts our insurince.

  4. Tonsils are excellent at doing what they are needed for and against.

    Be certain of diagnosing selves.

    Tonsils growing back is a boon, and well worth learning for very certain .why tonsils have grown in again, and for repeating — for all genuinely needing what should not have been removed at all.

    Real doctors heal. Sloppy butchers cut things out and throw away. what should never be cut out.

  5. Had my tonsils out when I was 28 and Almost died from the Infection and medince they put me on Now I woke up Easter morning with a really bad sore thoat I am going to the doctor this after noon sure hope it is not my tonsils or strep can’t go thru that again Not after twenty- five years!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dr Park,
    My is daughter 10 and she is having large adenoids that causing bad breathes, sleeping disturbance,blocked nose,breathing through mouth, ear infections,sore throat and recurrent tonsil infections. Her tonsils are not large.Dr advised to remove both of her tonsils and adenoids. Can’t only adenoidectomy help her to solve all the problems including throats infections? I am afraid that my elder daughter is suffering from weight gaining and became sluggish after both of her tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy when she was 6. I don’t want my another child to suffer from the same problem. pls help me giving the best advise.

  7. Ms. Parvin,

    Sorry, but I can’t comment on your daughter’s situation without examining her. There are numerous pros and cons of taking out her tonsils in addition to an adenoidectomy, and these issues should be discussed with your surgeon.

  8. I had my tonsils out when I was 7 and they grew back. When in my early 30’s I had them out again, and they still come back today (now in my 40s).

    I frequentyl feel them, enlarged and sore, but I’m not having them out a third time. All that pain, they will probably come back again.


  9. Ae(I) had my tonsils and adenoids removed when Ae was a little kid, but Ae’ve been having these “curds” coming up from the back of my throat, Ae didn’t find it concerning in the least until today, when one that was larger than the normal size of the ones that came up before, so, Ae looked it up and it said they were “Tonsil Stones” and it had the same description as what those “curds” were, and Ae found it weird since Ae had my tonsils removed, and Ae asked my parents to confirm that my tonsils were removed, and they said they were removed and that they shouldn’t grow back, but according to this, they have, ’cause Ae’ve had soreness in my throat since Ae was a little kid, not as in like the illness, but it felt more like soreness of a bruise or over used muscles, along with these “curds”

  10. Hi..First of all, I come from Thailand and I also had tonsil out at the end of May this year. After took it out, I become sickly person like I got a cold for 3 times, also had a sore throat. I went to see the doctor and he said that it’s not because of tonsil surgery. But it makes me worry as I never be like this before. I might get a cold but not too often like this. I can tell that in Thailand the doctor would like to take tonsil out even if you did not suffer from them too much. I was the one who got sick because of tonsil just only 2 times a year, they were not big and not affect to my breathing. But doctor insisted to took it out. So I decided to get in the surgery. Could you please help to give any suggestions why I become a sickly person? What should I do to be the old person? Thank you in advance…and greeting from Thailand.

  11. I had my tonsils removed when I was 4 years old. I am 42 now. They have grown back and I suspect they are the root problem of my gag reflex causing me to vomit especially during the allergy season which is nearly year round here in Texas.

  12. I had my adenoids out 3 times, when I was 3, 5, and 8, and my tonsils out twice, once when I was 3 and once at 8. My tonsils have since grown back. My adenoids have not. I had them taken out due to hearing loss from them compressing on my eustachian tubes. I have not had any problems with my tonsils since they have grown back. They are just kind of hanging out there. As a matter of fact, I rarely get a sore throat, unless it is allergy related.

  13. hi…. first of all iam come from lndia. My friend had tonsils and they are removed when he was 20years old | he 21now. there was a pain in the place of surgery so he got a doubt any re growth in tonsils. so please suggest for this problem what is the treatment and precautions

  14. O.o Okay first of all… it’s not the surgeon’s fault if the tonsils start to grow back.. blame your Lymphoid tissue!! It has the potential to regrow due to the tissue. I had my tonsils taken out when I was 2 due to sleep apnea where I would stop breathing.. and now, at the age of 23 came down with Strep and some issues swallowing and such and found knots in the back of my throat. My doctor told me it looked like my lymphoid tissue growing back ( Tonsils ) And to watch it since I had mine removed due to problems at a young age. She then told me to come back if they got bigger or spread, and in 2 weeks times they spread on both sides and just not very pleasant.. so now I am going BACK to the doctor to be referred to an ENT to have them checked out… O.o It’s crazy, but some things in the human body can regrow when removed….. so I found it quite silly to hear some people complaining about the doctors not doing the surgery right o.o It’s not something the surgeons can help if you happen to have regrowth of your tonsils a few years after having them removed O.O Hope this helps !! :3

  15. Hi.. I have tonsillitis since I was young and now I’m 16 years old and I’m scheduled this February to remove my tonsil (tonsillectomy) .. I’m afraid that my tonsil will not grow again because I’m thinking no one will catch the bacteria from my mouth anymore except tonsil but my doctor told me that if I will not let my tonsil to be remove there’s a big chance that it will lead to rheumatic heart disease because the bacteria in will go down to my heart, my question is.. Is it true? Ill wait for the answer doctor, I’m from philippines by the way.

  16. You should always recognize and respect that you are your Primary Doctor.

    Cutting anything out/off to throw away without caring to truly know what those matters are for and against is a criminal problem of many, many mogul morons very fraudulently posing as Doctors these days,

  17. I had my tonsils removed when I was about 4 years old.After few months I undrestood that i speak like sick people all the time so i went to the same doctor and he told me that my tonsils are back much bigger….so i removed them again and now i really wanna know if they come back for the THIRD time or not! If anyone knows,please help me figure it out!!!! THANKS!

  18. Ah…i forgot to say i’m 17 right now and i removed my tonsils for the second time about a year ago!

  19. To alisha dana
    Yess it is…. Your voice becomes great after the surgery! Be sure ! My voice was aweful…i couldn’t speak well but after removing my tonsils,my voice extremely got better!!!!!

  20. I’ve been sick almost year long but it’s like light a little sniffle and cough. Then a couple of days ago I began to feel terrible, I can’t whole food,I hardly can swallow my own saliva. So I went to the doctor, he says my tonsil are so enlarge he’s never seen a child’s so bad (I’m 15 btw) & I have a high fever. He says if I can’t keep my medicine down the next couple of days, I’m going to have to get them removed. I’m so scared I never had to get anything removed before. But I wanted to would it be best for them to get removed instead of holding on to them? Help me please

  21. Chee,

    I can’t say without examining you, but large tonsils with symptoms are an indication for tonsillectomy. Talk to an ENT surgeon to see if he or she recommends surgery. Good luck.

  22. Had my tonsils taken out in 1986 I was 5 as the time. Several years ago I got a really bad sore throat. Went to the er and the Dr said I had tonsilitis without tonsils. Now for the last few months I have been getting sore throats again. Went to the Dr yesterday and they said I have some strange tissue growth on the back of my throat. Said it almost looks like tonsil tissue.

  23. My son is 2 years old and just had his tonsils removed 3 months ago. Now he is due back in the surgery room tomorrow because they have grown back and he is suffering from sleep apnea again. I really hope they don’t grow back a third time at any age. I’m super nervous since he is so small but I’m hoping for the best!

  24. In 1973 my tonsils grew back and abscessed on the roof of my mouth. It was the doctors opinion that they were poisoning my blood stream because i originally went in to see him because over a years period of time before seeing him I had suffered with one boil/cyst at a time for a year. 17 out of 19 were on my face. 2 on my lower back. Like i mentioned they came one at a time. I remember the first one started on my right eyebrow and the pain was horrible. the only way they could be removed was thru a MD’s lancing them. Now, you know that age is very sensitive to acne and blemishes in general. I had never had any acne , face sores …only incredible skin which i took for granted- like all 16 year olds do. After the 19th one on my chin , my sister took me to her doctor. I didn’t have a sore throat, i just had this huge and very painful, (so much so that it made it difficult to talk) boil on my chin. By now i was in my freshman year in college. He took one look down my throat and told me what he saw. My tonsils had grown back on the roof of my mouth and abcessed. An hour later, the MD was sedating me and burning the tonsils, with what looked like a wood burning tool, off the roof of my mouth. The procedure left two white streaks of cut away flesh on opposite sides of the uvula …. which i still have now and I’m 57.
    What is very amazing about this week in my life is that everything I have gone through medically seems to be all joining up and painting a picture of possible hope as to what the problem may be. I digress. what i wanted to mention is that i rarely had sore throats, never have had strep. No allergies as a child, but I had chronic asthma with a heart murmur systolic 6. Until we moved from Florida to Wyoming. the asthma changed over night it appeared. I went from missing more school in grade school because of asthmatic episodes to never missing school in wyoming. Back then they said it was do to the climate difference. personally I think it was fresh air and less stress. Who has stress as a grade schooler. back then? Well, Now I have central sleep apnea , Chiari malformation- both of which i diagnosed myself and pushed the MD’s to examine. MD’s who are not self confident truly are miffed when you go in telling them what is wrong with you and to help fix it. I SAY ” IF I DON’T KNOW MY BODY BETTER THEN ANYONE ELSE THAN I HAVEN’T HAD IT VERY LONG. ” AND in closing , I agree about the incompetence of doctors now. I think the individual, other than surgeries, is just as informed. Does your doctor just sit in front of a computer and tap in the symptoms you give him and the computer spits out the medication recommended. I think the law suits will mount….computers are only as smart as the person using them……I have self diagnosed for the last 15 years and have been 100% accurate , even in the opposition of the attending MD. Ha From heart failure to neuropathy, Chiari malformation to central sleep apnea. And I have come to conclusion that my tonsils growing back kicked off the entire medical mess and compounding symptoms of central apnea. sorry I’m so wordy. I am a writer and artist and well, just be glad I’m typing and not talking lol. thanks for letting me vent.

  25. “Another common condition that’s not often addressed is lingual tonsils. Many people with obstructive sleep apnea will have persistently enlarged lingual tonsils. Chronic stomach juice exposure from apnea is one major reason for these lymphoid tissues to become enlarged. If you have small jaws and a large tongue to begin with, even slightly enlarged lingual tonsils can take up more space behind your tongue, aggravating further collapse and obstruction.

    What I often see is that when symptoms of sleep apnea persist or come back after tonsillectomy, it’s usually blamed on your tonsils growing back. Usually when I look, there are no tonsils remaining, but they have large lingual tonsils or significant palatal or tongue collapse.”

    So what is the solution to this? If I am able to control the reflux will my lingual tonsils stay enlarged or will they return to a better size once they don’t have the reflux irritating them? I literally can’t eat much of anything because I have no room in my throat.

    I began having swallowing problems in January, my palatine tonsils and part of my uvula were removed in March, I am 34. LPR has been suspected since May when I was still having issues with food being stuck post-tonsillectomy. Barium swallow led to “the radiologist thinks it’s LPR, take Nexium and don’t eat before bedtime and do some speech therapy” and then the ENT stopped responding to further requests or communications (such as a request for an esophogram) from my Speech Pathologist. I went to a new ENT and he did a laryngoscopy immediately (original ENT had not at all) and observed the large size of my lingual tonsils. My epiglottis is right up against the lingual tonsil. The laryngoscopy was done around 2 p.m., I had last eaten at 9 a.m. (oatmeal) and there was STILL food residue on the lingual tonsil. He also observed some interarytenoid pachydermia but no dysfunction in my vocal folds opening/closing normally.

    He believes that I have been refluxing for years unbeknownst to me and that it is also likely what caused my palatine tonsils to increase in size, which subsequently led to their removal. It wasn’t until after that surgery in March that I exhibited any other symptoms (post-nasal drip, throat clearing, vocal strain) so it was really silent until then.

    My new ENT has ordered an esophogram. He also would like me to get a 4-channel 25-hour pH probe test but I have been unable to find a hospital or provider in my state with the proper equipment to perform the test. He has also doubled my PPI from 40 mg Nexium once per day to twice per day.

    So I have been unable to swallow most foods since about January. It’s now August. I am having problems even being able to get adequate nutrition / enough calories. I have been following the entire list of dietary restrictions for LPR that I found online since July 16th–(nearly a month). My original ENT did not address those at all with me either–it was my subsequent research that brought those to my attention. Finding food options that do not violate the LPR recommended guidelines and will also literally fit down my throat and not be caught or stuck there for up to 6 hours in some cases is really difficult.

    I have been unable to determine from any of my investigations if controlling the reflux might allow the inflammation to recede or if it will just stop further inflammation and anything beyond that is unpredictable? …. I am just trying to ascertain the best/worst case scenarios for myself and determine how long on this regimen I can continue before I know if I will have to intervene some other way with regards to my oversized lingual tonsils.

    Also, how often should I have some sort of laryngoscopy performed to watch out for any sort of signs of cancer? If I have had prolonged reflux, what is the standard recommendation in that regard? How long after the symptoms and irritation are cleared up is repair assumed and does the cancer danger diminish at that point?

  26. I had my huge tonsils removed in July this year (3 months ago) and my left tonsil has regrown. I was referred back to the hospital and they have referred me to get it removed, marked as an emergency so I will have my surgery in 6 weeks. They said they will send the tonsil to the lab for results after. This is because it has grown to the size of a regular tonsil within 3 months, which is very unusual.

  27. I had my tonsils removed two years back , my throat is painful and cant swalow anything , it is so painful yhooo . Going to check out what is it.

  28. I got my tonsils removed back in July of this year because I kept getting strep and tonsilitus and I had tonsil stones all the time. Within the last two months I’ve been finding tiny white things that look like tonsil stones and I told myself that it couldn’t be because my tonsils are gone. But now these last few days my throat is being all dry and sore like it was when I had tonsils but only on the left side and I looked in my throat and there is a little bit of something there on the side of my throat.
    Someone on here mentioned how you can use your hand to feel the gland area where your tonsils should be and I can feel something there on the left side but nothing on the right. My doctor didn’t even warn me that tonsils could grow back. And I was in sommuch pain when I had them out, especially because the prescription pain killers

  29. *that I was given made me throw up. I was stuck taking children’s liquid Tylenol for three weeks. And now I have to go back to my doctor to see if I can have them out before new years because my insurance switches over so my deductible won’t be met anymore. I’m going to have to live with this through Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m 22 years old. It’s not like I’m a kid where I am still growing where there would be reasonable suspicion of them growing back. I feel like I should sue the doctor that did the surgery. He literally told me that I would get them out once and never have to deal with them again.

  30. Nikki,

    Sorry to hear about your experience. In general, tonsillectomy is very effective for tonsil stones, but no surgery is ever 100%. A surgeon can do everything correctly, and once in a while you don’t get the result that you want. This is an issue that you should discuss with your surgeon.

  31. Dear Steven,

    My husband, aged 43, was recently operated because of his obstructive sleep apnea and with the procedure, (some of the) the tonsil tissue was removed, among other things (tongue replacement). However his apnea hasn’t totally disappeared (although breathing stops per night went down; now 24 whilst sleeping on his back, and 17 during side; from 46 and 30 respectfully).

    The surgeon said that not totally getting rid of his apnea is due to excessieve tonsil tissue (i.e. overgrowth) and that he doesn’t dare to operate anymore due to fearing that removing and thereby scarring the remaining tissue, he (my husband that is) might develop some problems with swallowing.

    He also said he hasn’t seen anything like this before, nor has the other surgeon based in the same hospital he consulted. I then again refuse to believe that my husband would be the only person in the world who has this anomality. Infection has been ruled out (?) with 10 days of Prednison.

    What is your experience on this please; have you seen this excessive growth of the mentioned tissue before, and have you been able to operate succesfully?

    Alternative given to us at this point is a night retainer pulling the jaw forwards, or a CPAP mask.

  32. Hi Dr. Park I would appreciate your response. I am 27 years old, had a tonsillectomy almost 4 months ago. About a month after, all of my allergy symptoms I’ve had in the past have started to come back like they never were before : chronic urticaria, throat swelling after eating ( visibly and feels swollen on the back of my throat) , uvula gets red and feels wierd, pharynx gets many red veins when I feel this discomfort. My ent surgeon seems to think it’s just allergies , and has not given me any answers or help/relief. Have you seen this happen before ? Perhaps my immune system has lowered since I don’t have my tonsils as a defense ? Maybe my throat tissues are reacting to allergens differently now that I don’t have tonsils ? I would appreciate any help or advice. Thanks .

  33. Same here had my tonsils, and adenoids removed when I was a toddler, due to me always being sick all the time, had strep lots of times, and tonsillitis a lot etc… And now 31 years later they have grown back and I’m constantly getting sick again. :( this is so annoying. Just wish I was healthy again I loved not being sick. I never missed a day of school perfect attendance for 12+ years, now I’m missing work it seems all the time, I’m sick all the time and miserable. :( tonsils suck, I wish they did not grow back once removed, or if so you should be able to get them removed again with no cost. Surgery is so expensive. I’m just tired of being sick getting sick so easily. Missing work sux. It looks as though I’m unreliable. :( Because I am always getting sick just this month alone, I had flu ( also had the flu shot), then I had strep back to back. :(

  34. i had mine removed 8 years ago am 36 years old whenever its cold i get a sore throat and its so so so painful. i regret removing them coz the pain i experience now is something out of this world. my 2 children have them but i dont think i will let them have theirs removed.

  35. hi my name is tariq,i have small bruice like a pimple in my right tonsil side,it won’t change for a last 2 months,when I got tensed some kind of burning tendency feeling in that particular side.otherwise I cannot feel nothing there.please suggest me what I have to do,what’s the symptom like this

  36. I had my tonsils out when i was abt 8 im now 35 ive being getting pain in the left side of my throat like sharp stabbing pain plus i keep getting ear ache doc said my ears was imflammed an gave me drops theres no lumps that i can feel in my throat but dont know if my throat pain is sometbing to do with my tonsil growing back maybe ? I have a small peice of strecthed skin which looks bigger to the other side of my thoat dont know what it is or if its always being like that ive never noticed before anyone had anything simlar ?

  37. Hello,
    I am 20 years old going on 21. When I was 12/13 I was at a BBQ and got a piece of steak stuck in my throat. I was able to breathe but I was unable to swallow my own saliva or any water. My Uncle attempted the hymlic minouvre but it didn’t work. It was the weekend and I didn’t see my parents until the next day. My mother took me to the doctor and he told us to go straight to emergency because they didnt have the equipment to X-ray me properly and I ended up in emergency sergery where they had to insert a tube into my throat and suck out the food. When my uncle had given me the hymlic it had brought everything else up but didnt budge what was stuck. Almost my entire esophagus was stuffed with food. I was unable to est solids for a few weeks afterwards. A barium swallow was done but I was never notified of anything wrong. But since then I noticed that I gaged a lot more often.

    I have always had asthma and breathing issues but they seemed to be wrosening around that time. I went through 2 years of going to allergy specialists and breathing doctors to find that I do have a few mild allergies but they suspected that I could podsibly have sleep apnea, as my father and sister both have it. When my tonsils were examined the doctor was very concerned that if they were left any longer I wouldn’t be able to breathe or get food past them. I was then at 15 scheduled for a tonsilectomy. When I was recovering after the surgery the nurses taking care of me where very confused why my adenoids were not removed. And i had told them that the doctor had informed me that they just dissapear.

    After fully recovering in about half the time my doctor expected I noticed that my gag reflex got worse. My doctor never seemed concerned about it but over the years I have gotten sick from simply walking down the street and wind hitting the back of my throat. And I get very stomach sick quite often. I have been tested for stomach bacterias and other things that may cause my stomach to be that way but nothing has ever come up.

    Is it possible that I could have damaged something when I was 12/13 and when my tonsils were removed it made it worse to cause this? Or could this be my adenoids?

    I have also noticed the last year or so that it is starting to feel like i have the balls in the back of my throat like it did when I had my tonsils. And it sort of looks to me like they could be coming back. Obviously I’m not a doctor so I’m not 100% positive that they are growing back.

    Thank you!(:

  38. I’m 15 turning 16 , I got my tonsils out on February 8th , on the left side of my throat there’s a little growth on the tonsil that was removed.
    I literally have no idea what it is. So if you can let me know that’d be great!

  39. Hi. I have chronic lingual tonsilitis – its lasts approx 16 weeks, this one is post viral/bacterial – on 2nd lot of antibiotics.
    Earlier this year i had on side only after having a tooth removed. It has been going on for years. It was 8 weeks of pain. Now 16 weeks.
    I had tonsils out atb5yo. I am now 60. I also had it post surgery once they said the tube down my throat. But does anyone realise how painful it is to swallow. Talk.
    I have Rhinitis continially. Bloods show lowered immune response in low nk cells. T suppressor cells. ANA is high. Etc. i am so fed up with most of my year being wrecked by this pain. Oddly i take tramadol for failed back surgery nerve pain. It does nothing for the CLT. I do take Somac but have not had heartburn since my last pregnancy
    Should i have another sleep study ? Rb. Melb. Australia

  40. Q. I have been having bouts of Chronic lingual tonsillitis lasting 18 weeks. Starting from last year, before that it lasted 6 weeks. But is most of the year. I cant work out why it stops.It is very painful and all consuming. I get relief by eating so have gained weight but am not obese. I am so unwell I have not been able to walk the dog. Am not sleeping well.
    It usually starts post viral but has been post back surgery, doctors saying the tube aggravated my throat. I am on tramadol for failed back surgery.p, but this does not cover the pain. I also got it on one side after tooth extraction,same side. Antibiotics has not really helped. I am on my 3rd dose. Have tried low dose antibiotics. This also does not help. I have chonic rhinitis. (Sinus problems with infections) Snore and many years ago my husband had me assessed for sleep apnoea. This revealed RLS-PLM – however when I wake up my bed is not very messed up. It is just muscle twitching.
    Blood tests reveal low NK cells. High ANA and other things – pointing to low immunity. And Hashemotos. I have CFS but it seems to be Ok.
    I was originally diagnosed with GERD but did not respond to medication. 2nd opinion by another ENT at same place (ENT Vic ) revealed chronic lingual tonsillitis. He said 1st ENT had probably not seen a case of it before as it is not that common. I have been complaining of sore throats for years to my GP who could see nothing.
    He thought allergy played a part. I had tonsils out at 5yo. Am n Australia. Now aged 60.
    The resent virus has gone but zi still have this awful pain in the back of my throat.
    Bioscreen. Faecal testing research ( for CFS) revealed strep in the bowel. Would the bowel reflect what is in my whole body?
    I have a referral to ENT again, my GP says Australian guidelines suggest removal.
    Do you think removal of Lingual tonsils will stop these constant painful throats ?
    With regard to your free e book. If I pull my face back I can breath better through my nose. (Had surgery for deviated septum 1993. Unsucessful. They can only get the ‘scope down one nostril as passage is so tiny. If i put the cotton buds up my nose and pull it out I can also breath. I have constant sniffing and post nasal drip.
    What are the reasons for CLT and is surgery a good option for me. I am desperate.
    I have bought your other books on kindke. But am still working through the free ebook.
    I am busy and happy but sick of constant pain in my throat. My GP also suggested a few days in bed, (inside) but my mother has been unwell and I have been driving her to apointments.

  41. Good morning Dr Park, I have ongoing problem with OSA & gagging when I swallow food causing me to choke occasionally, should I f/u with ENT for ? lingual tonsils as I continue to get white granular specs that come up in my mouth even though my tonsils/adenoids were removed years ago?

    I’m also scheduled for Upper endoscopy for probable dilation of my esophagus bc GI dr. said I have chronic inflammation which causes food to get caught in throat & makes me choke 2nd to chronic sinusitis?

    Sounds like two conditions?

  42. Dear Dr.park,
    I’m 19 and had my tonsils removed almost a year ago, since having them removed I have had tonsillitis three times, including the white spots on the tissue that was left behind. I feel that the surgeons did not do there job properly in removing enough tissue from my throat and I want a second operation? What is your advice?

  43. Hey there! I have my tonsils and adnoise out 28 years ago. I have bad sleep apnea I snore so loud and so hard that I wake up with sore throat every day and migraines. I recently got very very sick and the dr said I have tonsilitis….if they grew back would they have to come back out and if so would that help my breathing and sleep?

  44. I have had swollen lingual tonsils for almost 2 years now. The right side is bigger then the left side. I’ve had all kinds of medical testing done and all the doctors I’ve seen cannot find anything else wrong. It’s getting to the point where it’s causing me to have shortness of breath when I do the basic activitys such as climbing stairs and cutting grass. I’m 34 years old and in good shape. I’ve considered getting them shaved down but am fearful they will grow back. Any suggestions.