Can Sleepwalking Be Cured With CPAP?

I came across this older article by Dr. Guilleminault, published in 2005, which showed that most sleepwalkers have sleep-breathing problems. All sleepwalkers who were compliant with CPAP were cured. Non-compliant patients did not improve. Those that underwent successful surgery also had complete resolution of their sleepwalking. Another study that supports my sleep-breathing paradigm.

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One thought on “Can Sleepwalking Be Cured With CPAP?

  1. FYI, I had never sleep walked before using a cpap device. 6/8/2012 I sleep walked while on cpap device. 10/1/2012 I had a seizure after sleeping 8hrs on cpap. I am on disability now. My last 3 seizures were 6/8/2015. I take my seizure meds. Cpap makes me feel off balance and I had palups in sinuses after cpap usage.