Can Sleeping With Pets Aggravate Sleep Apnea?

There are many people who sleep with their pets in bed. If you have sleep apnea, however, you may need to reconsider this practice. Yes, there's definitely the emotional-comfort aspect of sleeping next to your pet, but almost invariably, your pet is likely to prevent you from getting the best sleep possible. Either you won't be able to turn in bed to your preferred sleep position, or you'll be awakened often by your pet's movements or sounds. 

If you have obstructive sleep apnea, you're not able to achieve deep sleep, so any sound or movement is more likely to wake you up. Even if you don't have sleep apnea, anything that can potentially lessen your sleep efficiency can aggravate any other underlying medical condition that you may suffer from. I commented on this issue in a newly released book, Leashes And Lovers (search for my name under Look Inside), by Sheryl Matthys. If you're a dog lover, you must read this book.

As expected, whenever I make the suggestion that pets (and children) be removed from the bedroom, most people are highly reluctant. 

What's your opinion on this issue? Do you sleep with your pet in bed? Please enter your comments in the text box below.

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2 thoughts on “Can Sleeping With Pets Aggravate Sleep Apnea?

  1. I agree that any external stimulus while asleep will disrupt restful sleep causing varying degrees of sleep deprivation and poor quality sleep, in turn leading to cognitive and physical dysfunction the following day.
    Your pet is likewise experiencing sleep interruptions from you, leading to its own adverse cognitive and physical consequences.
    Both you and your pet will be better off sleeping in separate rooms.

  2. Dr. Park,
    If I may, the facts are people sleep with their pets, a pet industry survey puts this number at 79% of pet owners, which is in the 10's of millions in the USA alone, a sleep study done by Dr. Shepard showed 48% of the pet owners struggle for bed cover, which in fact seems to be the biggest complaint. There is a company that has introduced a product line of bed linens to address this problem, go to  they are done by Premier Pet. They work!  It helps the people and pets sleep better.  Let me know if I can be of assistance to you with additional facts.