Can Eating Wheat Cause Your Face to Shrink?

Of my three boys (ages 18, 15 and 9), only the youngest has major food allergies. He is sensitive to all nuts, milk, soy, tropical fruits, and gluten. In addition, it seems like every other of his classmates have not only similar issues, but various other health problems that are endemic in our young children today. We fed all three boys the same way. So what’s the difference? 
In preparing for my recent talk at the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics, I came across a research article detailing the high cost of pesticides and herbicides in leading to human and animal disease. In particular the researchers argue that the dramatic rise in the use of the herbicide and weed-killer glyphosate over the past 20 years may have led to facial skeletal changes in white-tailed deer in Montana. In particular, they use the term brachygnathia superior, which is another term for maxillary hypoplasia, or underdeveloped upper jaws. They also detailed significantly higher rates of various other health problems in animals and human infants based on hospital discharge information. 
Take a look at the online article and scroll down to look at all the graphs showing higher rates of various health conditions for newborn humans in relation to higher levels of glyphosate. One proposed mechanism is due to glyphosate’s ability to interfere with Vitamin A processing. Be warned. Once you start reading more about the sad state of our food supply, your anxiety and outrage levels will go up.
While at a recent birthday party that I attended with my son for one of his friends, I noticed significant dental crowding and open mouth posture for the vast majority of his friends. There are likely a number of other reasons why our children’s teeth are coming in more crowded and crooked than in past decades. The above mentioned study didn’t measure human children’s dental dimensions, but it’s likely that if measured in five to ten years, there may be significant crowding with more narrowed airways.
If you have children, did your dentist tell you that your child may need braces?

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One thought on “Can Eating Wheat Cause Your Face to Shrink?

  1. I dont have baby yet, but my nephew have brace. But it is not a simple process, coz the dentist pulled some his tooth out before set brace for him. This make him became thinner, me and his mother kinda worry about it. So I wonder having brace effect to health a lot?