Steven Y. Park., M.D.

Biography & Fact Sheet

Dr. Steven Y. Park is an author and surgeon who helps people who are always sick or tired to once
again reclaim their health and energy. For the past 10 years in private practice, he has helped thousands of men and women breathe better, sleep better, and live more fulfilling lives. His passion is to identify and empower people to overcome sleep-related breathing problems, which most people don’t realize is the real reason for many of their common medical ailments.
He is also a published author of the book, Sleep, Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so
many of us are sick and tired. It was endorsed my numerous New York Times best-selling authors such as Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Dean Ornish, and Mary Shomon.
Dr. Park is board certified in otolaryngology, and is Clinical Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology –
Head & Neck Surgery at the New York Medical College. He received his medical degree from Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons.

Dr. Park can talk about a variety of different topics related to sleep and breathing, including:
• How your sleep position can predict your state of health
• Why antidepressants and most sleep aids are making your depression and anxiety worse
• Why Ritalin is the WORST treatment for many patients with ADHD
• Why most diet and weight loss programs fail
• Why most symptoms of menopause are not related to hormones
Praise for Dr. Park:

“The overall quality of my life is 180% better! I have everlasting energy that is not dependent on coffee or sweets and I have my high notes again. I’m eternally grateful for Dr. Park’s advice and I recommend him to anyone...”
– Michelle Manzo
“I consulted many ENTs, some of whom appeared in Top Doctors in the Northeast, without any lasting success before finding Dr. Park. His comprehensive examination and careful explanation have changed my life. I am sleeping better, have no mucus, and am regaining my voice prowess. All this is happening with a minimum of medication and no treatment demands interfering with my daily routine. Also, Dr. Park’s prophylactic advice has allowed me to finally enjoy the spring without symptoms of hayfever.”
– Donald Ralph
“The Doctor is current and does his homework. Asked about my family history (which every doctor should do, but in reality many don’t) and is PASSIONATE about his work. This passion inspires confidence in the patient (me) and takes a potentially scary undertaking and makes it manageable. He listened to me but more importantly Dr Park heard me and answered all my questions. Thank you.
– Ilyse G.

To book an interview, call (917) 991-0621 or contact him at
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