Autism, Vaccines, & Sleep Apnea: My Multi-Hit Theory

Revisiting A Controversial Topic

In response to my post called “Autism, Vaccines, & Sleep Apnea: My Multi-Hit Theory,” I received a response that pointed out some issues with my theory. Please read my original blog post to see her point in context, and then come back to read her reply, as well as my response.

“I tend to think this is too simplistic for three reasons: 1) There are many many studies that actually do link vaccines and autism, specifically focusing on vaccine ingredients such as aluminum and thimerisol. The power of these toxins to damage the brain is actually quite large. 2) This phenomenon would be seen with children who simply get a cold, and would have no connection to vaccines in particular. 3) The onset of autism is usually between 15 months and 30 months, but the back-to-sleep campaign only applies to tiny infants because once they start rolling over, you really can’t stop them. By the time you get to 6-8 months old, babies are going to sleep however they like, usually on their faces with their little butts sticking up!”



“I’m not diminishing the potentially damaging effects of vaccine ingredients. My main point is that given the right combination of conditions, adding one additional major trigger can make you much more susceptible to brain injury. 

Regarding your comment about colds and allergies, I did describe parents in my blog that report the onset of autism symptoms just after a common cold. Perhaps all the vaccines and the various other risk factors I describe was the setup for a simple cold to bring on the symptoms. 

Lastly, ages 15 to 30 months is also the time period when you begin to see large tonsils and adenoids, along with higher rates of obstructive sleep apnea. There have been papers suggesting that having acid reflux may predispose you to having larger tonsils. This goes along with my hypothesis that having smaller jaws and dental/airway crowding will precipitate more acid reflux, leading to larger tonsils and more obstructed breathing. 

Granted, older babies will sleep in whatever position they want, but some pediatricians are adamant that parents keep infants up to one year old on their backs. Some even recommend sleep positioners to prevent infants from rolling off their backs. I still see every few months a mother in tears after being chided by the pediatrician for letting her child tummy sleep. It’s the only way that their child will sleep. These mothers are massively stressed and sleep deprived due to having to stay up all night watching their children sleep, as well as the guilt that’s involved in raising your child’s risk of SIDS.

We’re also seeing a significant increase in visits to pediatricians, neurologists and neurosurgeons for children with flat heads. As a result, there has been a significant rise in neurocognitive and developmental delays in toddlers since the Back to Sleep Campaign was started. 

Chronic sleep deprivation due to any cause (due to lack of quality or quantity of sleep) has been shown to lower your threshold for responding appropriately to injury, inflammation and stress. It can dramatically and negatively affect EVERY part of your body, including your gut, skin, brain, and heart. 

The cumulation of chronic sleep deprivation due to supine sleep, impaired brain development, environmental/food supply toxins, pharmaceutical toxins, smaller mouths, and obstructed breathing creates the “perfect storm. Any one of these conditions can be predisposing factors that stack on top of each other. All you need is one additional precipitating “trigger” to tip you over the edge. 

Looking forward to continuing the conversation online or offline.”

Do you have any stories of children who developed “Autism” symptoms all of a sudden?

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One thought on “Autism, Vaccines, & Sleep Apnea: My Multi-Hit Theory

  1. I met a man who told a story of his triplets whom all received vaccines and the same day developed autism. This was before nap. I’m wondering if what you’re explaining is the cause of SIDS? Also why SIDS is most prevalent following the vaccine timeline?