Ask Dr. Park: What You Can Do When CPAP Fails

In this teleseminar, I’ll go over all options when CPAP doesn’t work for you. 

• What other options are there when CPAP doesn’t work?

• Are dental devices effective?

• What are my surgical options?

• Do tongue exercises, acupuncture or didgideroo playing help to cure sleep apnea?

• What about Provent nasal plugs?

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4 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park: What You Can Do When CPAP Fails

  1. Hi doctor I question I have allergic for the last five years and for the last 4 my doctor give me one injection and a was five for the a year but this October a new E N T did a turbine reduction but is already 2 1/2 months n I still get congestion what they can be?

  2. Juan,

    There are many different reasons for a chronic stuffy nose, despite various treatment options. Without examining you, I can’t say. You’ll need to see your ENT surgeon about your condition. Good luck.