Ask Dr. Park: Tongue Nerve Stimulation for Sleep Apnea

This is a special edition of my Expert Interview Series, on Apnex‘s Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Therapy device.

Mr. Brian Erickson from Apnex joins us to answer your questions.

In this interview, we answer the following questions:



– What is the Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation Therapy?

– What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria?

– Can I be included if I had a UPPP performed?

– Will I be compensated?

– What were the initial results from the original feasibility study?

– What are the potential complications?

– How long does the study last?

– Is it available near where I live?

– What does it feel like when it’s on?

– And much, much more.


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4 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park: Tongue Nerve Stimulation for Sleep Apnea

  1. I am Canadian (Montréal, Québec) Is it possible to participate in your study ? How often will I have to go to New-York during the study and for how long?

    Thank you

  2. Marie,

    The nerve stimulation levels are the same level of physiologic levels that the brain sends to through the nerve. So far, there’s no evidence that it can cause any long-term damage.


    Tongue exercises can help, but not to the same degree that nerve stimulation can address.


    You may wish to go to to take a short questionnaire to see if you qualify. If you came to NY, there are a lot of follow-up visit, especially just after the procedure.