Ask Dr. Park Teleseminar (7/12/11)

In this month’s Ask Dr. Park Teleseminar (7/12/11), I answer the following questions:

 • Can having a stuffy nose prevent CPAP use?

• What kind of surgical procedures for the nose can help me breathe better?

• Can Viagra make me sleep better if I have sleep apnea?

• What’s the best non-CPAP treatment for severe sleep apnea?

• Is the laser procedure for snoring or sleep apnea effective?

• How does the TAP oral appliance compare with CPAP?

• Can oral appliances be used to treat UARS?

• Is CPAP a commitment for life? Is it ever reversible without surgery?

• What’s the success rate for tongue reduction surgery?

• What can I do about my dry mouth when using CPAP?

• Can wearing a cervical collar help sleep apnea?

• How can air in the stomach due to CPAP be prevented?

• What’s the Pillar procedure?

• Plus many more questions….

Download the 60 minute MP3 recording ($17).

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2 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park Teleseminar (7/12/11)

  1. Dr Park,

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for us sleep apnea sufferers. THANK YOU !!!


  2. Dear Dr. Park,

    Thank you for the knowledge and great info, It is much appreciated.
    Although I couldn’t be in the last event, please keep the info coming.

    -H. Wolfe III