Ask Dr. Park: Live From The AAO-HNS Academy Meeting in Washington DC

In this special Ask Dr. Park program (9/11/12), I summarize the latest sleep apnea research presented at this year’s annual meeting for otolaryngologists. I’ll also answer your general questions on anything related to sleep and sleep apnea. 

Please click here to order the MP3 recording ($17).

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2 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park: Live From The AAO-HNS Academy Meeting in Washington DC

  1. Why is so little attention being payed to the fact that sleep apnea is a neurological disease, while so much attention is placed on secondary influences of airway obstruction? Shouldn’t we put more emphasis on finding a way to eliminate the disease altogether?

  2. I aam 61 yrs old, male very thin and have Fibromyalgia and CFIDS for 30+ years. I have a diagnoses of OSA for about 15 years ( base line test 10 yrs ago apnea index of 38). I have chornic nasal congestion, had septoplasty and turbinectomy and need further sinus surgery to open a closed and infected sphenoid sinus but am too weak and fatigued to go through it for now I failed repeatedly with CPAP due to aerophagia and difficulty with mask sealing on my very thin face. Nasal pillows don’t work well with my nasal congestion. I have found that every new injury and surgery becomes a new place of chronic pain so I have avoided OSA surgeries. I have severe TMJ syndrome so I have struggled with a dental appliance although it does help a lot with the OSA. My doctor offers nothing else now but jaw surgery or tracheostomy. I am so fatigued I had to retire early. Any other options to help the OSA?