Ask Dr. Park: Holistic Sleep Apnea Surgery

In this Ask Dr. Park teleseminar program, I’m going to reveal what it takes to undergo success sleep apnea surgery.

Find out:

• What must be done before any surgery

• How to find the right surgeon

• The key to surgical success

• The truth about the UPPP procedure

• When you should never do surgery

Topic: Ask Dr. Park: Holistic Sleep Apnea Surgery (12/14/10)

Price: $17

Click here to purchase the MP3 recording.

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3 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park: Holistic Sleep Apnea Surgery

  1. I Had sleep apena surgery a and a half weeks ago and I was wondering if it is common to have ear pain. I found chewing gum helps and sucking on cough drops helpls handle some pan in the throat and jaw. Would it be ok to chew Apsergum with asprin in it. The Throat pain I am handling ok but the ear pain is so bad. The only think I have found to help with the pain is Tylenol liquid but I find I am taking this every 4 hours. eating even liquids and soft foods is very hard.

    Jennifer Kline