Ask Dr. Park Anything About Your Nose or Sinuses [Podcast 93]

In the re-launching of my old Ask Dr. Park teleseminar series, I answer all your questions about the nose or sinuses. Some of the many questions I answer include:

  • What can be done for non-allergic or vasomotor rhinitis?
  • Is addiction to Afrin treatable?
  • What can I do for my allergies if I tried everything?
  • Will taking out tonsils help with nasal congestion?
  • Does mouth-breathing cause cavities?
  • Can braces improve nasal congestion and mouth breathing?
  • How can you tell the difference between a sinus infection and sinus migraine?
  • How helpful is nasal saline irrigation?
  • What’s your opinion about balloon sinuplasty?
  • I’m still stuffy despite undergoing septoplasty. What can I do?
  • Can turbinate surgery cause empty nose syndrome?
  • And many more…

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3 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park Anything About Your Nose or Sinuses [Podcast 93]

  1. Dr Park, what kind of leaves were you growing, that helped with allergies? Ive never heard of this plant so I could spell it properly for google to recognize. Thank you!

  2. Hi Dr. Park. You corrected our son’s deviated septum in September. His breathing is so much better! We are thrilled. We were supposed to have a follow up visit with you but you left the practice. Also, you suggested that his next step is the pallet expander. We have a few questions about how many cm. And could we get a letter of medical necessity. ? His orthodontist can do the expander. Thank you again for making such an enormous improvement to our sons quality of life.