Ask Dr. Park About Sleep About Sleep Apnea (11/8/11)

For this month’s Ask Dr. Park teleseminar, I answer the following questions:

1. Does sleeping with your head propped up help with sleep apnea?

2. Why is UARS so hard to define?

3. What do you think about all the latest publicity about thyroidectomy in helping with sleep apnea?

4. Can using tape over the mouth help with sleep apnea?

5. As we age how can we gauge whether we have sleep-related breathing issues, or circadian rhythm problems?

6. What if you are using a cpap machine and STILL wake up about every 2-3 hours?

7. How low should one seek to lower the AHI and the AI?

8. Is there a place for hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of OSA?

9. Does a dental positioning device work for mild sleep apnea?

10. How does the future look for sleep apnea patients£ Will something replace CPAP as the gold standard?

11. Is there a clear distinction between central and obstructive sleep apnea? What are the alternatives if your apnea is primarily classified central?

12. If patient’s airway is examined with camera inserted through nose while patient is sitting upright and airway is found to be clear, is this enough to indicate airway would also be clear if patient was lying down? Should patients be checked in both positions?

And many more questions from the live audience.

Click here to purchase the MP3 recording ($17).



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