Ask Dr. Park Anything About Sleep Apnea

In this Ask Dr. Park teleseminar, when I answer your all your live questions about obstructive sleep apnea.

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4 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park Anything About Sleep Apnea

  1. Thank you for the information you provide on sleep apnea. Our doctors only have a few minutes to give us in the visits and can’t take the time to explain everything to us. I think I respresent a significant portion of apnea sufferers. Let me explain. I have been suffering with sleep apnea and probably UARS before that for most of my adult life and havn’t had much success, I’m 61 yrs old now. I hope you get to read my submission for your ask Dr Park session this week as It is probably similiar to what a lot of apnea patients deal with, namely a struggle trying to get effective treatment. Due to severe TMJ and fibromyalgia issues I can’t consider a jaw advancement operation so my doctor’s last suggestion is a tracheostomy. I would rather succeed with a non invasive method. My most recent road block is aerophagia requiring my pressue to be lowered from the neccessary 12 to 5. ( My base line was 38 AHI as of 10 yrs ago. 5 isn’t as effective as 12 unless I stay on my left side all night which I can’t due to shoulder pain. My fatigue and cognitive difficulties are forcing me to retire early. Now I have an infected sphenoid sinus that requires surgery. I already had turbinectory and septoplasty but still have congestion at night forcing me to use a full face mask and breath thorugh my mouth. I read a lot of patent’s submissions on various Sleep Apnea sites and I’m far from alone in not finding sucess in treating my sleep apnea. Thanks for your time.

  2. Dr Park, I missed Tuesday’s webinar, I’m in Aaustralia and we had a 4 day conference, do you post it anywhere else?