Ask Dr. Park Anything About Obstructive Sleep Apnea (12/13/11)

In this Ask Dr. Park Teleseminar, I answer the following questions:

• Do people with sleep apnea really die 20 years earlier?

• How effective is home sleep testing? Is it covered by insurance?

• How does sleep apnea lead to serious conditions like heart disease?

• Would fixing a deviated septum help with sleep apnea?

• Tell me more about Provent therapy for sleep apnea.

• If one is successful with CPAP, is surgery an option?

• How successful is the Pillar Implant for sleep apnea?

• What ‘s the difference between hypoglossal nerve stimulation therapy vs. a tongue stabilizer device such as the AveoTSD?

• Are you aware of data in the US regarding OSA and traffic accidents?

• What are the risks to patients whose doctors have untreated OSA?

• What’s the difference between snoring and obstructive sleep apnea?

• Are surgical procedures for UARS covered by insurance?

• Why don’t sleep labs recommend oral appliances as an option?

And much more….


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6 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park Anything About Obstructive Sleep Apnea (12/13/11)

  1. Dr. Park,
    I wake up roughly every 90 minutes throughout the night. The arousals can vary anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. Never more than 2 hours. This happens even after taking sleep aids like Ambien or Trazodone. I don’t wake up with a jerk but more like the arousals that you mentioned so I don’t have the classic OSA. My spouse has never noticed snoring or gasping for breath, etc. I have tried CPAP with no success. You have mentioned the brain not signaling one to breathe during or after REM. I live in Virginia but could come to you for an appointment if you think that would help. I am age 76, thin, get plenty of exercise,and don’t nap during the day.
    Thank you.
    Terry Anderson

  2. Hello Dr. Park. I am a general dentist but see primarily pediatric patients. I see a real need for paletal expansion and or mandibular advancement in many of the children that I see. I would love to learn how to help these kids instead of just sending them to traditional ortho. In your experience what do you believe is the best way to treat children. ALF(Dr Bronson or Dr Nordstrom), DNA(vivos), myobrace, AGGA(LVI), Orthotrpics(forwardontics with Dr Hang) or early myofunctional therapy? I really want to learn how to help those with SDB and or prevent OSA. I would appreciate your perspective and opinions.

  3. Dr. Kim,

    I’ve had experience with all these options with varying degrees of positive results. I can’t say one is better than the other, since various practitioners have different results using the same device. Also, there are no prospective studies comparing any two or three of these options. In my experience, it’s important to start early, using whatever tools you have properly, make sure the child is able to breathe properly through the nose, and address any obvious soft tissue problems that can cause obstructions or tethering, such as tonsils, adenoids, tongue tie, or epiglottis. A comprehensive approach is ideal, rather than one option done sequentially.