Ask Dr. Park: Any Question About Sleep Apnea

On this Ask Dr. Park teleseminar (3/8/11),  I’ll answer your most important questions about obstructive sleep apnea. Here are the questions I answer:


• The benefits of nasal breathing and nasal nitric oxide production

• Can using CPAP cause chills?

• What’s the best mattress option for sleep apnea?

• When would you consider a tracheotomy for sleep apnea?

• How do you know that you’re breathing through your nose when using CPAP?

• What can I do if my AHI is still high despite using CPAP?

• What’s the best sleep position when using CPAP?

• How do you treat complex sleep apnea?

• Is there a linear relationship between BMI an sleep apnea?

• Can sleep apnea be caused or triggered by a car accident?

• Can sleep apnea cause plugged ears to persist over a year?

• Is the MOGA procedure better for severe sleep apnea over CPAP?

• I’ve used APAP for over a year. Why do I still feel tired? I also have low circulation to the brain.

• How is PTSD related to sleep apnea?

• What’s the connection between hormones, progesterone and breathing issues?

• Is long-term use of acid suppressing medications harmful?

• Will a jaw expansion device give you similar results to a UPPP procedure?

• Why do I feel bloated after using CPAP?

• What are your thoughts on Provent?

• What’s a Zeo?

• Can you describe the tongue nerve stimulation devices?

• How does sleep apnea cause car accidents and does CPAP cure it?

• Should I get a tracheotomy?

• Can sleep apnea cause low testosterone?

• What do you think about the Aveo TSD for sleep apnea?

• Can an ENT office exam determine where obstruction is happening?

• How does changes in your monthly cycles affect changes in your mouth?


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14 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Park: Any Question About Sleep Apnea

  1. Hi Dr. Park,
    Five years ago now, in August, I started wearing the complete mask for my OSA and although it has helped…………Oh, I also do B-1, 500mg. I am experiencing memory glitches that I’ve never had!

    I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta and know that even though I hang up side down with gymnast rings and a cross bar, bounce up to 1000 times per day on a 14 foot trampoline and slant at 30 degrees on my home made slant board, which you can see me do on the home page of my website, to alleviate gravity pressure from sitting that perhaps a little extra oxygen at night would help my hard-drive brain’s stability with short term and long term memory problems.

    What are your thoughts… there something better?

    Thank you for your time and dedication to us, that LOVE LIFE!
    Semper Fidelis,

  2. What is your experience with Provent?

    When do you think the hypoglossal nerve stimulator will come out?

  3. My sleep apnea is caused by hypothyroidism. If the hypothyroidism is ever brought under control, will the sleep apnea be resolved? I really have a hard time sleeping with this thing.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. For patients with sleep apnea there seems to be an all too frequent problem of false negative sleep tests. What can patients do to prevent this from happening to them?

  5. While waiting for a diagnosis and CPAP to arrive, what is the best method of getting to sleep and staying asleep without being awakened by my own snoring? I start the evening with lorazapam and herbs, which have been keeping me out for a couple of hours, and then I give in to either Tylonol PM or Ibuprofren PM to knock me out for a few hours. This stuff can’t be good for you night after night after night. I finally got approved for the CPAP today, but it’ll still take a week or so to get it. Since anxiety got involved in the process too, it’s been rough.

  6. I really appreciate your your genorouse gift of your time. I do NOT have a sleep specialist within 3 hours of where I live. I am newly diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.AHI 115 events in one hour with low o2 sat of 73%. Out of 480 minutes of sleep my O2 was 73% more than half the time. I have started therapy with a pressure of 15. Using my nasal mask was great for the first 3 days then I had stuffiness (chronic sinusitis,bronchitis) and used my nasal mask anyway and now my ears have had problems.. water behind them… can’t hear. Now using full face mask without relief (3 weeks) of the fluid behind my ears. Also my face swells terribly with the face mask. Mye eyes and lower face become swollen to the point my eyes are nearly closed. Lower extremity and upper abdominal swelling has been a problem for years,, but never my face. I don’t seem to be able to recover overnight from my 3+ Pitting edema of BLE. A cardiologist is the one who found my sleep apnea and is helping me a lot. My pressure on my right side of my heart were high when echocardiogram was performed. My cardiologist has me on zaroxlyn and demedex for edema and says the edema should improve with cpap therapy in about 6 months. The cardiologist says I have no other cardiac problems. I went to him due to edema and thinking I had heart problems.

    My question is do you feel I am on the right path?
    Do you have any other suggestion?

    Thank you so much for your time.


  7. Can sleep apnea be caused or made worse by a car accident in which the neck is injured, in a person with pre-existing TMJ problems?

  8. i am suffering from sleep apnea & also taking injections of male testeotrone. i am using cpap machine from the last 5 yrs. now i am again facing of guidiness & yawning from the last 2 months. pl. advice me what to do?

  9. Mr. Singh,

    It’s likely that your CPAP pressures are not adequate for your needs, especially if it’s been five years since you started using it. It’s best to see your sleep doctor to re-evaluate your situation and possibly to recalibrate your pressure.

  10. Would you please advise if there are any studies to show a link bewteen PTSD and sleep apnea.