Ask Dr. Park – A Live Teleconference

Join me on the next "Ask Dr. Park" call.  We’ll talk about lots of things, but the focus of this teleseminar will be sleep apnea. Everything about the quality of your sleep will be discussed: from tips on improving your sleep quality to a discussion on the best treatments for OSA. And, you get to set the actual agenda! I would like to hear from YOU about what your biggest questions and topic areas of concern are. The aim is to arm you with lots of information about sleep apnea that you want to know. This is a rare treat for any of you or your loved ones who suffer from sleep apnea.

This event will be held live on 5/12 at 8PM Eastern. You’ll be able to either call in using your telephone line, or listen in on your computer’s browser. You can ask your question during registration or during the call. 

Click here to register and receive the call-in information.


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