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3 thoughts on “Ask Dr.Park

  1. Hi Dr. Park, I have a question for you. Around seventeen years ago I had my teeth removed on upper left side, I have had nothing but problems ever since. I knew something was wrong within a day or so. I called the oral surgeon that took them out, told him something was wrong, he looked and said it was healing nicely. But something was not right. I was having a lot of sinus drainage, I was popping Sudafed every 3 to 4 hrs. Well this went on and on, so I went to my local E.N.T. dr. Told him when all this draining started, told him I thought my sinus might have been damaged. He did not agree with me . I kept on draining and I kept on going back to see him, he got tired of me so he referred me to a dental expert, mind you this was 3 yrs. later. The dentist found two problems , right in the area where I said I was having a lot of pain he found two small fistulas, after three yrs. He was able to thread a fine wire in one of them and took an x-ray. He wrote a letter to the e.n.t. dr. for me to take back to him along with the x -ray. Well I went back to the e.n.t. with it, after reading it all he said is, I see it , but I don’t believe it ! That was it, not anyone told me what should or could be done about this. Well here I sit still sinus draining all day long 24-7 . I pray for death Dr. Park this is controlling my life. I have been to so a lot of e.n.t. doctors and oral surgeons, they say that they don’t see anything wrong, but this kind of sinus drainage is not normal. Also my sense of smell has magnified , I can no longer be around, perfume, smoke , plug ins , it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Something is wrong !! One dr. did mention something about LPR. Dr. Park, please do you have any ideas as to what might be causing all these symptoms ?? Thank you, Barbara Morris..

  2. Ms. Morris,

    Sorry to hear. Sinus fistulas after dental extractions do occur rarely, and usually can be fixed by oral surgeons or ENTs. Without examining you in person, I can’t say what you should do, but you may wish to get another opinion.

    Good luck.

  3. I’m in the UK, have sympTom’s strongly suggestive of UARS previously v fit then got chronic fatigue like issues but also lpr and now trouble breathing in, can only mouth breathing
    Also some cricopharyngeal spasm

    Found a denatalot sleep dr trying device, I’ve got a narrow upper airway

    But ent Dr’s haven’t been helpful or offered any treatment
    I’m struggling with the device because of teeth issues

    Anyone in UK you know who van help me , or do you see uk private patients I would come to new York!
    I’m a medical dr myself so know my stuff and am motivated