Ask Doctor Park: Q&A

In this Ask Dr. Park teleseminar I  answer all your individual questions. Some of the more common questions included:

– What are my options if I can’t use CPAP?

– What if I’m using CPAP 100% of the time and my machine says I have no apneas, and I don’t feel any better?

– Is sleep apnea linked with fertility problems?

– What are the treatment options for central sleep apnea?

– Does sleep apnea get worse as you get older?

– Can losing weight cure sleep apnea?

– And many more questions.

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One thought on “Ask Doctor Park: Q&A

  1. Hi Dr Park,

    What do you recommend for someone with severe asthma (haven’t been able to get it under control with meds yet) where the CPAP causes lung pain and makes them feel worse?

    I tried using it for ~4 months and the longer I used it the worse I felt. I finally gave up because I felt so bad and couldn’t function at work anymore. My lungs hurt and felt like over-inflated balloons the entire time I used it. My Dr even turned the air-pressure down for me some and it didn’t help. I am currently using ambien every night. My sleep index is 40. Before the ambien I spent the entire night in stage 2 with only about 20 minutes of REM. The Dr said I never went into a deep sleep because I would wake up the instant I started to have trouble breathing. With the ambien, still wake up constantly throughout the night but it allows me to sleep a little deeper and I feel more refreshed in the morning, but I know this is not a good long-term solution. What do you recommend?