Are You A Woman Suffering From Brain Fog?

Please Join Me On The Female Brain Summit

In all my past podcast and blog posts, brain health has been the most popular in readership and feedback. Brain fog seems to be one of the most common complaints. 

I was recently invited to talk about how sleep-related breathing problems in women can cause not only brain fog, but brain damage. Please join me and twenty-three other top experts who will present cutting-edge information specifically for women on how to reverse your brain fog and forgetfulness, and maintain clarity for the long term. It’s a free program that covers everything you need to know to prevent onset of memory loss and dementia, using non-pharmacologic interventions.

Want to learn more? Then please sign up and mark your calendar for the online Female Brain Summit, from April 23-30.

Click here now to register and get daily access to all the summit presentations.

You can watch the event for free from your computer or mobile device.



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2 thoughts on “Are You A Woman Suffering From Brain Fog?

  1. The link is broken. I have UARS and have followed your work for several years. I’m now in my mid 30s and feel like I have serious brain damage and am losing my mind. Is there anyway I can access the information above??