How Sleep Apnea Can Cause Anxiety [Podcast 30]

The 1950s was once called the “age of anxiety.” I think it’s fair to say that the level of anxiety has risen exponentially since then. There are many reasons why you may be anxious, including information overload, social media, non-stop news, or even your children’s activities. For many of you, problems breathing during sleep may be another good reason.

In this episode, Kathy and I will reveal how sleep-breathing problems can cause or aggravate anxiety.

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4 thoughts on “How Sleep Apnea Can Cause Anxiety [Podcast 30]

  1. Another excellent podcast!
    Having done yoga for 22 years now– I would also add a trick that has worked for me: a focus on belly breathing. I have trained myself to belly breathe by being mindful like Kathy has. Yoga teachers will have you place your hand on your belly as you sit– and make sure it pushes out and in with the breath. You oxygenate much better this way. Also the more shallow chest breathing and lifting your shoulders up and down all day long is stressful for the body. Practice belly breathing just before you go to sleep and just as you wake up– and you will find it becomes a habit. And– you can call yourself a yogi!
    Thanks Dr Park and Kathy– great work.

  2. Hullo doctor just a question…i stop breathing on my back 56 times an hour and on my side 95…i have done my titration test and need a cpap machine…i am going to go for automatic one…does sleep apnea make you wet bed every night which i do and during morning feel very uncomfortable in my bladder..mostly by afternoon it wears off…i am an anxious person due to death of son in a car crash and take pristiq 200 and valdoxan 20…when i did titration test i did not wet that night…could you help me please…..

  3. Robyn,

    Sleep apnea is a very good reason for going to the bathroom at night. Apneas at night causes stretching of your heart which makes your body think there’s too much fluid. So the heart makes a hormone called atrial natriuretic hormone, which makes the kidneys make more urine.

    Give APAP a try and you may be pleasantly surprised. Your anxiety may improve as well.

  4. Thank you for your reply..i am hoping it will help with bed wetting i just dont seem to wake up to go hence have to use incontinence pads..will see what happens and thank hou once again…