Anti-Snoring Help From SkyMall

On my flight back from my SLEEP conference in San Antonio, I just happened to be leafing through the SkyMall catalogue and I stumbled upon a page where there were three interesting devices to help with snoring.

The first one is called the Relax-N-Nap Pillow. It's a slightly inclined wedge pillow with a cutout in the middle so that you can sleep  completely face down, kind of like when you're getting a massage. Some people are only able to sleep on their stomach, but have various problems with their necks or other issues due to the twisting of the neck. This position is ideal since your head alignment is straight and you're able to breathe optimally, especially if your tongue and/or soft palate tends to fall back when on your side or back. I've always wondered what it would be like to be able to sleep on a massage table with your face down. Now you have that option.

The second device is called the Breathe Fit Anti-Snoring Aid. It's a triangle-shaped clip that helps to "apply gentle pressure to the septum to open nasal passages for maximum oxygen intake, rejuvenating the resting body and stopping disruptive snoring." Initially I thought that this device was similar the Nozovents or Brez, where the nostrils are splayed out, but then I realized that what it probably does is to stent the nasal passageways, to prevent flimsy nostrils from collapsing in completely. 

The third option is called the Snore Terminator. It's a device that's worn on your wrist which zaps you with electricity every time you snore. Yes, it does work, but at the cost of preventing you from sleeping continuously. Bedpartners' elbows can do the same thing.

Has anyone reading this blog tried any of these three products? If you're not sure about each of the products, go to to find out more information.

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