A New Cure For Snoring?

There are literally hundreds of anti-snoring patents in the patents office, with various novels ways to help you stop snoring. Many are designed to wake you up whenever you snore, using electricity or movements. I recently found two devices that analyzes your snoring patterns and sounds and subsequently wakes you up to a lighter stage of sleep, so that you don’t snore as much. The first one is a sensor that you place under the matters, along with a watch-like device that’s worm on your wrist. Once it detects certain sounds or movements that suggests a snore, it triggers the wrist device to “unconsciously increase the the soft tissue tonus in the throat and thus helps keeping the air passages open.” Another device is shaped like a bear, and it’s arm moves to push on your head whenever you snore. 

It seems like these are much more sophisticated versions of gadgets that shock you to wake you up whenever you snore. The problem is that although you’ll stop snoring, you’ll start up again once you go into deeper levels of sleep. In addition, by waking you up to lighter stages of sleep every time you snore, your sleep quality will diminish significantly. These options are no different than your spouse or bed partner elbowing you to make you turn over. My last concern is that a significant number of simple snorers will have undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea. If you use either of these devices successfully, then you may be delaying the diagnosis and treatment of a potentially dangerous or fatal condition.

What other similar gadgets or devices have you seen?

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