An Interesting Series of Videos on Sleep

I finally had some time on my flight to and from LA during our family vacation to watch a series of videos called "Waking Up To Sleep 2007." The conference was held at the Salk Institute, and was presented by The Science Network. There are about 25 videos of pre-eminent sleep researchers on various topics including:

• Can sleeping on a problem create overnight insights?

• Will naps make you smarter?

• Are you getting enough sleep?

• How much sleep is enough?


It can be a little technical at times, but there are lots of areas that a layperson can understand and appreciate. I highly recommend that you browse through the various topics and learn as much as you can. Then sleep on it. The ones about memory and naps were especially interesting. Please come back to this post and give me your feedback on the various videos. What was your favorite topic?

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