Surprising Health & Sleep Benefits of 3 Common Ingredients [Ask Dr. Park]

Ask Dr. Park Webinar

Vitamin D, tumeric, and black seed have significant anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting, anti-arthritis, and anti-cancer properties. They also have evidence for use in COVID19 showing significant survival benefits.

There is also strong evidence for their effectiveness against coronavirus infections. Here are the topics/questions and timestamps:

  • 1:00   What does it mean to be healthy? 
  • 2:30   Definition of health
  • 4:55   Why is an ENT surgeon / sleep doctor talking about supplements?
  • 6:35   How the US healthcare system was transformed by Rockefeller
  • 8:45   Supplements and vitamins: Who can you trust?
  • 9:30   My father-in-law’s advanced stomach cancer story
  • 10:55  What happens When You Give Peter a Pressure Pill (my satiric poem in the vein of If You Give a Pig a Pancake)
  • 13:15   Potential weight gain from CPAP or tonsillectomy
  • 13:40  Vitamin D
  • 18:10   Tumeric
  • 21:10   Black cumin seed
  • 27:40  Q&A
  • 28:09  What can you do to get more vitamin D if you have a history of skin cancer?
  • 29:05  How to avoid heartburn if you’re sensitive to certain spices
  • 31:04  Are there any foods or supplements to take before bedtime to prevent acid reflux?
  • 37:11   Are there any nutritional deficiencies that cause sleep or airway inflammatory issues?
  • 39:49  Which brand of supplement is best?
  • 29:46  Which supplements are good for eye/vision health?
  • 26:03  Is it better to breathe in or out through your mouth?
  • 40:49  What about melatonin?

Interview with Dr. Stasha Gominak Part 1  |  Part 2

Dr. Mobeen Syed Youtube black seed / honey study

Black Seed / Honey study

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4 thoughts on “Surprising Health & Sleep Benefits of 3 Common Ingredients [Ask Dr. Park]

  1. Hi there, tried to watch the Youtube video linked at the bottom of the post but Youtube says it is a private video

  2. Dr Park,
    I’ve listened to many of your podcasts. Thank you.
    Most of the time, I listen to you when I go for my daily long walks or I am driving to a distant location.
    My feedback to you is that many of us are not auditory learners. I also listen frequently to Andrew Huberman of The Huberman Lab. I know when listening to him that I will be able to go back to his podcast and visually access time-stamped notes and find particular notes of interest that I can then apply.
    Since I am not able to do the same with your podcasts and interviews, it does frustrate me because life can get very busy and I don’t have the time to listen to your lengthy podcasts over & over to locate specific pieces of info.
    I realize not eveyone shares my particular learning style, but as a consequence of this learning style I have begun to tune out your podcasts in favor of one’s with a written transcript attached in different forms.
    Also, please know that I have found your work quite informative and have recommended your podcasts to others when your areas of expertise arise in conversation with other people.
    Your listen-notes are not of much help to me, as I ‘ve listened to some and was not able to easily glean the Info I recalled from my listening when walking.
    I recently travelled to Pittsburgh for a first-time appt with a sleep neurologist and I recommended your work to this physician. The intent of my feedback in this email was to be helpful.

  3. MP Sunday,

    I truly appreciate your honest feedback. I am currently working on changing the format of my content so it will be much more accessible. Please stay tuned (in).