2014 Reader Survey Results

Since I stopped doing my teleseminars, I felt a bit out of touch with you.  As a result, within the next few weeks, I’ll be re-launching my podcast, which will feature specific topics related to obstructive sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome. My older teleseminars are already on my podcast. The ideas for future topics will come from you. This is why I recently sent out a reader survey, and the response was overwhelming. I got over 140 people who filled out the online questionnaire, when I was only expecting anywhere from 20 to 30 responses. It was truly gratifying to see how many people not only filled out the survey, but they also took the time to make some very helpful comments and suggestions. Here’s a summary of the major findings:

  • Slightly more men than women (57% vs. 43%)
  • Well over 90% are over age 40
  • People responded from all over the United states
  • 19 people from Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, Jordan, France and Holland
  • About 50% have graduate or higher level degrees
  • About 1/2 read my book
  • Most people liked accessing my information online, and video was #2
  • About 2/3 of respondents initially found me through search engines or surfing
  • The most popular future book title was tied between The Ultimate Sleep Apnea Manual and The 7-Day Sleep Apnea Solution
  • 57% were using Windows, 29% on a Mac, 28% on a Mobile device using Safari, and 1% using Linus.

The range of suggested topics was so broad that I can’t print everything. However, the three most common frustration/suggestion themes were:

  • Your doctors don’t listen, or they don’t take your sleep concerns seriously
  • Massive frustration with CPAP
  • Life and work stress issues

I’m going to cover these three topics in my upcoming podcasts, so please subscribe now in your podcast player or on iTunes. If you have any other topics that you want me to cover, please feel free to respond to this post in the space below.  

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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3 thoughts on “2014 Reader Survey Results

  1. USA you can count yourself lucky because we don’t have anyone with Dr Park’s level of expertise offering advice here in the U.K

    I’ve read many people’s posts on the NHS website crying out for help regarding Sleep Apnoea, only to be told their isn’t much that can be done but the basic CPAP treatment. (Which doesn’t work for me)
    I’m one of those people and will be a regular visitor to this site from now on looking for help and advice.

  2. It seems tat only ppl who pass the questionaire meaning having eds, snore are advised to do sleep study. But sleep apnea can also be asymptomatic like no snore no eds… so why we do not envourage ppl to take test since apnea leads to so many deadly diseases.

  3. Thank you so much for this site! I just read your blog post about UARS and it brought me to tears! I was just diagnosed with it this week and have been struggling to find great information let alone good until I found your site! I am excited to read, watch, and listen to what you have to say about this sleep disorder. I am very frustrated with my doctor who suggested it was a matter of my sleep environment and that the treatment plan was to “just find what’s in your home that could be causing this because it doesn’t make sense that you can sleep so well in a lab although your breathing was very strange and during your MSLT you were able to fall asleep so quickly.” I was originally thought to have sleep apnea and later narcolepsy, now UARS. Until your site I didn’t believe it but your definition and explanation describes my symptoms to the T. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you!