The Low-Salt Diet Scam: How Avoiding Salt Can Make You Sicker and Fatter

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✅ Why is the recommendation to go on a low-salt diet a scam? In this video, I’ll reveal why the science doesn’t support this, and how countries that live the longest also eat lots of salt. This is the exact opposite of what our health “experts” recommend. You’ll be shocked by the chart I’m going to show you.

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00:00 Introduction

01:15 Most people don’t respond to salt

01:37 The top 3 countries that live the longest also eat very high levels of salt

02:42 Counties that eat more salt live the longest

02:57 Countries that eat less salt die earlier

03:13 Salt intake and U-shaped mortality curve at both extremes


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Coronary heart disease age-related death…

11 Countries That Consume the Most Salt…

Sodium intake, life expectancy, and all-cause mortality…

Sodium Intake and Health: What Should We Recommend Based on the Current Evidence?


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