11 Tips for Choosing a Good Air Purifier

Allergies are a common reason for causing a stuffy nose. One of my recommendations for patients is to purchase a good quality room air purifier. Here’s a guest post from Janet Miller, from airpurifier-review.com.


If you are looking to buy your first air purifier, the process can be daunting with the many choices available. Here are 11 tips for choosing a good air purifier that will be helpful.

1. Start by listing out what you need in your air purifier

The most important first step is to list out what you need in your air purifier. While most air purifiers will remove common air pollutants such as dust, smoke, pet dander and pollen, not all are able to remove other potential pollutants such as specific allergens, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold and germs. When reading the manufacturer’s product description and specifications, check against your list of needs carefully.

2. Find one with the right coverage area

Do you need the air purifier to cover your entire house, just your living room, or just your bedroom? All air purifiers will list their coverage area—or the size of the room recommended for using the air purifier in. Find an air purifier with a coverage area at least no smaller than the size of your room.

3. ACH rating should be at least 4x

ACH stands for air changes per hour. The ACH rating indicates the number of times the air purifier can exchange the air in its coverage area in an hour. The higher the better—for those with allergies, look for an ACH rating higher than 4.

4. CADR ratings should be at least 100

In addition to the ACH rating, most air purifiers will also have a CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate rating. This indicates the ability of the air purifier to filter common air pollutants such as dust, smoke and pollen. Look for CADR ratings of at least 100 across each of these categories. The best air purifiers will have CADR ratings of at least 200.

5. Warranty at least 3 years

You want maximum protection should there be any manufacturing defects. A 3-year warranty should be the the bare minimum – there are even some manufacturers (such as Alen) that offer lifetime guarantees.

6. Check the noise level

This is not usually stated clearly by the manufacturer but most air purifiers will generate some white noise. Read user reviews to get a sense of whether this is a noise level you are comfortable with (eg. Is it consistent, soft white noise that is barely noticeable, or does it get annoying?)

7. Decide if you need to remove odors as well

If you need an air purifier with odor removal capabilities, look for those with activated carbon pre-filters. A pre-filter is the first step in the air purification process, and typically used to remove larger particles such as hair. Pre-filters coated with activated carbon have the additional advantage of being able to remove odors, as the carbon pores have a large surface area that will absorb odorous gases and chemicals passing through.

8. Check the energy rating and average energy consumption

Since you will most likely be using the air purifier everyday, you want it to be as energy-efficient as possible. Pick an air purifier that has an energy-star rating, and look for estimated energy consumption no more than 100W.

9. Check how much replacement filters cost

Another important consideration is how much replacement filters cost. Some air purifiers may seem inexpensive, but their replacement filters may cost close to $100 a piece. Expect to change your filters at least once a year.

10. Check the product dimensions

Air purifier placement is an important factor to consider. For maximum effectiveness, you should place your air purifier at least one feet away from the wall. Check the product dimensions to make sure you have enough space in the house for your air purifier.

11. Handle preferred

Finally, check if the air purifier has a handle. Should you need to move the air purifier from room to room, having an handle makes things much easier.


Hope these 11 tips for choosing an air purifier were helpful. Do you have other tips you would like to share? Please leave a comment below. Janet Miller is the owner of Air Purifier Reviews, a site dedicated to providing detailed information on air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners and other home appliances.

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13 thoughts on “11 Tips for Choosing a Good Air Purifier

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! A really good air purifier can help save you money on your energy bill while keeping allergens away. You shouldn’t have to worry about energy bills just because you don’t want to be sneezing everywhere! I also think that asking a professional air conditioning contractor about purifiers is a good way to find an air purifier that doesn’t break easily.

  2. I have been trying to find a good air purifier for a while. Lately, the air in my area hasn’t been very good. I would like to get a purifier to help make sure that I am not breathing in air that is damaging. I would really like to be sure that it would have good coverage so that it covers my whole home. As I look around, I will also check to be sure that it has a reasonable noise level. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Fresh air is an important issue now a days. I was trying to buy a best air purifier. After reading 11 tips of choosing good air purifier I got a good knowledge. Already I have bought a good air purifier and it services well.

  4. Looking for a purifier that has a handle can make it easier to move around the house and get the purified air flowing. Planning for future costs such as filters and energy consumption can help you decide which air purifier will best suit your budget! I didn’t know that air purifiers could also remove odors! Thanks for the information!

  5. My husband often smoke in living room, I know he cannot quit so I try to remove that when my kids playing, but the problem is even I choose the strong machine, it cannot complete remove smoke. So do you have any suggestions?

  6. Susan,

    Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. The best way is to stop smoking in the living room, but I know that it’s going to be challenging.

  7. I completely agree with your points. A minimum of 3 years of warranty is essential. This is because HVAC maintenance costs are a bit on the pricey side these days. Three years of warranty also makes it cost effective.

  8. It is better if we go with a HEPA or PM 2.5 Based Air Purifier that is capable of removing the Particulate matter from our home. The PM 2.5 Particles are very tiny and not even visible to our eyes. These particles are released by Vehicles, Factories, and burning of coal. Constant exposure to PM 2.5 is very risky for our lungs. So, It is better to opt for an Air Purifier that comes with a PM 2.5 filter.