10 Ways You Can Prevent Dementia – An ENT Surgeon’s Perspective

Are you or someone in your family having memory problems, or suffering from dementia? If you do your research, you’ll find dozens, if not hundreds of reasons for dementia and ways to avoid it. In this video, I’ll reveal 10 common and uncommon items that are known to worsen dementia and memory loss. I guarantee there will be a few that you’ll be surprised to hear about.

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✅ Timeline:

  • 00:00   Introduction
  • 02:11     1. Poor sleep / obstructive sleep apnea
  • 05:05    2. Obesity / metabolic dysfunction
  • 07:08    3. Certain medications
  • 08:56    4. Low vitamin D
  • 09:23    5. Fluoride
  • 11:19     6. Aluminum
  • 12:04    7. Mercury
  • 12:56    8. Head Trauma
  • 13:34    9. Lack of Social Networks & Relationships
  • 14:25    10. General Anesthesia
  • 15:09    Summary & Tips to Avoid Dementia


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