Podcast #16: Everything You Wanted to Know About Nasal Surgery

In this podcast, Kathy and I will reveal “Everything You Wanted to Know About Nasal Surgery.” Topics include:

1. Septoplasty: Why packs are not needed

2. Turbinoplasty: How much removal is enough?

3. Nostril surgery: Why it’s better than Breathe Right strips

4. Sinus surgery: Myths and misconceptions

5. Reconstructive surgery: When you may need this.

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Show notes:

The Truth About Sleep Apnea Surgery

Un-Stuff Your Stuffy Nose e-book

How to Find a Good Sleep Apnea Surgeon

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4 thoughts on “Podcast #16: Everything You Wanted to Know About Nasal Surgery

  1. Awesome podcast, thanks so much! One topic you didn’t address was turbinate reduciton relapse. What are your thoughts on that? Is there a difference with different techniques and do you recommend immunotherapy in conjunction (and what should be done if it fails)? I picked up a hint of hesitation about submucous resection, was that accidental and can you describe your preferences and why?

    Do you recommend turbinate reduction before or during jaw surgery? Oral surgeons are claiming they have better access but it seems better to have it done beforehand by an ENT, especially given the comments about ong recovery times.

    You briefly discussed amount to remove but stopped short of providing any numbers. One I’ve heard is 66%. Can you elaborate more on this point?

  2. I am curious about long term results with turbinate procedures also. Is there a possibility of the turbinates becoming enlarged and causing problems again down the road, and is each method equally effective?

  3. Uri and Justin, good questions. I get asked this all the time in my practice. It depends on how you define “grow back.” If you take turbinate bone, it won’t grow back, but if you take mucous membranes and soft tissue, it could swell up due to chronic swelling and inflammation. It’s similar to nasal polyps. In most cases, they don’t get big again, but sometimes it does, usually not to the same degree as before surgery. Occasionally only one part of the turbinate swells up. In most cases it can be treated medically before considering more nasal surgery.

    Oftentimes, it’s not just turbinates getting large, but flimsy nostrils that were not addressed initially.

    My bias is to address nasal congestion definitively before jaw surgery, since you can perform a comprehensive procedure if needed (septum, turbinates and nostrils. Sometimes you’ll need to do more like sinus surgery or adenoidectomy. The better your nasal breathing, the better the outcomes for anything else you do.