Podcast #15: 7 Myths About Nasal Surgery

In this podcast, Kathy and I will discuss the 7 myths about nasal surgery, & when to do surgery
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1. Nasal trauma causes a deviated septum
2. Septoplasty will treat snoring or sleep apnea
3. Septoplasty will change my nose externally or have bruising
4. Will need packing inside the nose
5. Rhinoplasty – what it means, and what to watch out for
6. Does a deviated septum (or shrunken turbinates) come back after surgery?
7. Turbinate surgery causes empty nose syndrome.
And when to consider nasal surgery.
Show Notes
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One thought on “Podcast #15: 7 Myths About Nasal Surgery

  1. You made comments about turbinate reductions and long term relapse without addressing underlying causes. That was going to be my next step. I’ve tried all the non-surgical options without success (except Afrin) and failed immunotherapy, after having a severe anaphylactic reaction a few shots from finishing. My allergist was unwilling to administer any shots after that, including maintenance.

    What do you recommend in patients like me? Should I just plan on repeat turbinate reductions or find a new allergist to retry immunotherapy? Are there allegists who specialize in immunotherapy failures who have better success rates in refractory cases?