Podcast #9: Proven Solutions For Your Top 7 CPAP Problems

It’s a given that if you use CPAP, you’ll run into problems. The good news is that the vast majority of these problems can be solved, with some guidance and trouble-shooting. 

In this podcast episode, Kathy and I will reveal the Top 7 CPAP Problems you’ll most likely face, with solutions.

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Top 7 CPAP Problems with Solutions:

  1. Air in stomach/bloating
  2. Mask leak
  3. Water in tubing
  4. Too strong pressure / I can’t breathe out
  5. Facial marks / skin irritation
  6. Dry mouth
  7. Stuffy Nose

Plus more.

Show notes:

VA Study: CPAP vs. UPPP

CPAP hose holder: Hose Buddy 

Bruce Stein’s book: Sleep Apnea and CPAP: A User’s Manual By A User


Interview with Chip Smith of Restoration Medical Supply on CPAP 

Unstuff Your Stuffy Nose E-book

Interview with Eric Cohen of National Sleep Therapy

Interview with Dr. Carl Stepnowsky

Sleepyhead Software

Interview with Nicole Garrison with Respironics

Please tell me your biggest problem with CPAP and how you solved it in the area below.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast #9: Proven Solutions For Your Top 7 CPAP Problems

  1. I am one of the patients you have seen who have a palatal obstruction upon exhalation. You mention in your podcast that there has been some recent progress concerning the medical community’s recognizing this problem — and perhaps doing something about it.

    I have been using CPAP consistently for more than two years. I do find that it helps my palatal blockage on exhalation — about a 90 percent improvement, as I perceive it — but it’s still impossible for me to sleep on my back (I sleep on one side almost exclusively), and I still perceive that annoying blockage when I take a “cleansing” breath.

    If there is new technology for my problem, even if it’s experimental, I would appreciate hearing about it and would be willing to make an appointment with you for that purpose.

    I am using a ResMed S9 set at 11 pressure, with a Sleepweaver mask — the only mask of the half dozen I have tried that does not bruise the bridge of my nose and that is light enough to be comfortable for side-sleeping. .

    Thank you for the informative pod-cast.

    Franklin M. Roth
    917 532 5213 cell

  2. Hi, I am a 48 year old female who was diagnosed with upper airway restriction in my early 40s. After surgery that didn’t work & possibly caused more problems, I began using a CPAP machine about 3 years ago, and wanted to share with you the solution I had been told about, to alleviate the annoying issue of my mouth opening when I get really relaxed in deep sleep, and therefore causing a break in the air pressure. The solution for me was to use a bit of surgical tape across my mouth! It worked. Of course I feel like a freak but a decent nights sleep is worth trying anything.