Podcast #6: Creating an Interdisciplinary Dental Airway Team – Interview with Dr. Mark Cruz

In this episode, My special guest is Dr. Mark Cruz, who is a dentist in private practice in Dana Point, CA, close to Laguna Beach. He has spent over 10 years educating dentists and doing research at UCLA and is now on the data safety monitoring board of the NIH’s institute for craniofacial research, the dental arm of the NIH. He has collaborated with many sleep luminaries including Dr. Christian Guilleminault, and Dr. David Gozal. 

In this interview, we’ll discuss 

  • What’s the role of the dentist and dentistry as a profession in airway related health?

  • Is the airway wellness concept new for dentistry?

  • Who are the key team members that are needed for airway health? 

  • How can someone find an airway focused dentist or orthodontist in his or her community?

 and so much more.

MP3 download

Dr. Mark Cruz, DDS

Dental Airway Mini-Residency

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