How A Dentist Can Cure Your Sleep Apnea

Oftentimes, I recommend a referral to a dentist to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Most patients will ask me, “How is a dentist going to help me?” My answer is that since obstructive sleep apnea is mainly a problem from small jaws and crooked teeth, they have a variety of different ways of helping you to breathe better […]

New Innovations in Sleep Apnea Therapy: Live Presentation at the Manhattan AWAKE Group

Please join me for a live presentation on the newest innovations in sleep apnea therapy. I’ll be talking about hypoglossal nerve stimulation, Provent, and functional dental appliances at the Manhattan AWAKE group meeting on Wednesday, April 2nd at 6:15 PM. It takes place at 134 West 26th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY.

Expert Interview: Dr. Raymond Silkman on Holistic Dentistry (Part II)

This month, we welcome back Dr. Raymond Silkman, who will finish his fascinating discussion on holistic dentistry. We continue with the following topics: – How modern orthodontics can ruin your sleep quality – How dental crowding can lead to nasal congestion – The real cause of TMJ (it’s not from grinding or clenching) – Why modern […]